Top 3 Reasons Your Home Is Always Too Cold'

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Turning your central heating on during the winter is acceptable. The weather gets cooler, there might be snow, so it makes sense to warm the place up a bit. If you’ve got your heating on at any other point in the year, eyebrows will be raised. 

Realistically, your home should be warm enough to survive without your heating system for a good two-thirds of the year. If you’re wrapped up in bed shivering during the summer nights, you should be a bit concerned. There’s clearly something amiss, so take a look at the top reasons your home is always too cold to learn how you can fix the problem:

Outdated insulation

Most houses are full of insulation between wall cavities and in the roof. The insulation is made out of special materials that retain heat and stop it from escaping. As it gets older, the insulative properties decrease. 

Therefore, if your house is way colder than everyone else’s, it could be down to outdated insulation. If you suspect this is the case, call someone to come in and inspect your home. They will tell you whether or not you need to upgrade your insulation. 

Damaged siding

The siding on the exterior of your home plays a protective role at all times. Mainly, it stops the weather from destroying your property. If it gets damaged, it can expose the inside of your home to the elements and create gaps where air and wind can sneak in, causing cold drafts inside.
It is always a good idea to inspect your house and look to see if the siding has been damaged. If this is the case, then reaching out to a reputable Siding Replacement contractor to attend to this problem is important to keep your home protected. This will ensure that you avoid an indoor winter wonderland during the colder months. 

Window problems

On a similar note, your windows are massive culprits when it comes to heat loss. Here, there are two key issues you’ll face. Number one, your windows are too thin, allowing too much heat to escape. This should only be a problem in houses that were built many decades ago. Modern homes have had double-glazed windows for years, and yours should too. If you’re still rocking the single-glazing, upgrade to double for more thickness and insulation. 

The second problem is the sealant around the sides of your windows. This is that rubbery stuff that basically secures the window frame in place. Over time, it can deteriorate and almost waste away. This will leave small gaps around the sides of your window frames, ready for the heat to escape and cold air to flow in. If you spot this, replace your window sealants to seal up the problem!

To reiterate, a cold house is normal when the temperatures drop close to freezing. Still, if it’s mild outside, your house should feel quite warm. If anything, you need to be opening your windows to let cool air in during the spring/summer seasons. So, if you’re colder inside than out, look for any of the issues above and fix them. 

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