5 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Exciting and Fresh


The beginning of a romantic relationship can be an incredibly fun and thrilling time, often making you feel like you’re on top of the world. But once you’ve been married for a while, that initial honeymoon phase disappears, and it can often seem like the relationship is slowly growing stale. However, that doesn’t mean that you are bound to live a dull and monotonous life with your partner. Here are some ways you can keep your marriage as exciting and fresh as ever:

Learn something new together

Learning something new can be quite an exciting and enlightening experience, while at the same time making you a bit nervous about putting yourself in an unfamiliar situation. And that is exactly why you should try to learn something new with your significant other, whether that be a simple painting class or a sexy Latin dance.

When you purposefully put yourself in an unknown and slightly uncomfortable situation, you will start relying on your partner more. You will be open and vulnerable with each other, you will laugh at yourselves together, and you will be partners in this new experience, all of which will allow you to reconnect with each other in a more meaningful way.

Plan some relaxing alone time

While paying the bills or organizing play dates for the kids might have become a natural part of your routine, spending some uninterrupted alone time with your partner most likely hasn’t been on the schedule. However, it’s essential to spend quality time together as often as possible, in order to nurture your relationship and deepen your connection.

So, try to set some time aside every day to spend with your partner without any distractions, whether that means having an enjoyable conversation, doing an activity you both love, or simply relaxing in silence together. If possible, it would also be a wonderful idea to plan a couple’s holiday every once in a while, to combine quality alone time with a wonderful new experience, and keep the excitement going.

Try to experiment in the bedroom

Although this might seem obvious to some, intimacy can be quite difficult to find for others as time passes in a long-term relationship, especially once the action starts feeling a bit repetitive. In order to keep the passion alive in your marriage, it would be a good idea to have sex at least once a week.

What’s more, you should aim to be more experimental with your intimate life, in order to find new forms of pleasure that will keep you both satisfied. You can easily do this by watching adult movies together, changing up the position and the location, or incorporating dildos into your sex life. These are ideas that will undoubtedly keep the passion and desire going, though you're sure to be able to think up some more of your own.

Go back to your beginnings

Think about the beginning of your relationship, and the way you felt when you first started dating. One of the simplest ways to get back those feelings of infatuation and excitement is to revisit the old places that set the tone for your early romance.

This could be the restaurant where you had your first date, the coffee shop where you chatted away for hours, or even the romantic beach where you got engaged. No matter what those places are to you, revisiting any old areas that are meaningful to your relationship will urge those initial feelings to come back, reminding you how and why you fell in love with each other in the first place.

Make room for small surprises

Even if you know your partner better than anyone else, one thing you could always do is surprise them with something special and completely unexpected. This could be anything from a sexy text during the day or a passionate kiss when they get home to a small gift of appreciation or even a romantic date night just for the two of you.

Regardless of what you opt for, these small yet wonderful surprises are undoubtedly going to catch your partner off guard, bringing some novelty into your relationship and putting a loving smile on their face.

Evidently, with some small gestures of appreciation, as well as a few changes in your routine, you can easily make your marriage feel fresh and exciting once more.

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