What Kind Of Physical Should You Start Getting In Your 30s?'

 The annual physical is something that we should all start to get as soon as we can, but a lot of us tend to skip it because of logic like: so long as we feel fine, everything’s okay, right? However, as you start to hit those thirties, we’re a little more susceptible to aches, thinking more about the future of our health, and making plans that might need us to ensure we’re in fine health. For that reason, here are some checks we need to start making.

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Blood pressure and cardiovascular risk

One of the biggest concerns as we get older is that our risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes start to increase exponentially. A blood pressure check, alongside other tests that look at cardiovascular risk such as a cholesterol blood check, can help us get a better picture of our heart health. From here, we can start to learn what lifestyle changes, if any, are necessary to keep our ticker ticking. In most cases, this will not need to be a regular check.

Eyesight and hearing health

A lot of people have not thought to check whether they’ve kept all their senses as they age, with many having last checked their hearing and their eyesight when they were children. In most cases, this will not need to be a regular test. However, there may have been changes to your hearing that you might not have noticed because they were so gradual. They may even necessitate the use of a hearing aid, so it’s important to take these tests before any hidden issues have the chance to exacerbate.

Sexual and reproductive health

If you are sexually active, it’s recommended that you take no risks and get screened for STIs on a regular basis. If you’re planning a family, it’s important to get a full picture of your reproductive health, as well. From an HIV test to a full gynecological exam, this is not an aspect of your health that you want to face with any uncertainty. There are always paths for treatment, so it’s best to find out the results as soon as you can.

Mental health check

As we get older, we tend to deal with more responsibilities than before, with many of us living with homes, family, and increasingly important careers. These stress factors can be a serious challenge for our mental health and it’s important to check in on our heads. Resources like Head to Health can help us find the help and guides that might best suit how we’re feeling at the moment.

Urinary and kidney health

A kidney function test and urine analysis test, respectively, can test for a plethora of issues. For instance, they can indicate issues like kidney disease and impaired kidney function, which need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Every year, you should arrange a battery of health checks and tests, including those mentioned above, to ensure that you’re as fighting fit as ever. Even if you’re not, discovering the issue as soon as possible is key to addressing it, too.

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