Confessional Friday

Friday is here again, time for some confessions

I Confess:

~So glad its the weekend, feels like a LONG week... even though it really was no longer then any other week..;)

~ before I had my new "look", I had made a new word press blog, but I really like this new look now, so I am trying to decide what to do, thoughts??

~ I want to hire someone to clean my house, I just do not have what it takes to keep it clean these past few weeks, no energy and just plain exhausted and my house needs a good cleaning...

~ I am so thankful for the spring like weather we have had the past few days, wish it was spring time 

~I am so excited about Vacation 2014- we have a great trip planned and maybe just maybe I might be able to meet some of you  :) 

That's about it my friends, Off to work I go 

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  1. I'm thrilled it's the weekend as well! :)

    Regarding your blog, I think you are feeling like how I was feeling a few short months ago when I wanted a change on my blog. We are looking at it everyday, so the design, the layout...everything is bound to get boring at some point. If you love what you have created here, stick with it. I adore your new look and think this place 'suits' you.


Thanks for the blogging Love

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