Weekend Recap

I took the day of because I was still recovering from Food Poisoning- First time I have ever had it and I hope I never have it again, it is the worst sickness I have ever had- the pain made me cry literally, it was such hard pains. 
I did feel good for an hour- so I got up to clean my house a little bit... 
hubby came home and made nachos, I did eat a little bit, but it didn't taste good to me and I got sick again, it was a crazy sickness, Thankfully I had no bladder flare ups during this.. bc normally i would.
Later in the evening I was feeling a little better and I got up and made my niece some skirts, I was in a sewing mood and I was missing  her so I made them for her, they are pretty cute, here they are:

I know they aren't fancy but it is my first time. 

they are coming to visit in May and we always get pictures taken when they are here, so maybe I can make us matching outfits. 

Woke up around 6 am, I guess all the sleep from the day before, I couldn't sleep anymore... 
I got up and had a glass of milk and  browsed online for a bit, then I went back to sleep til 10 or so, hubby had to work for a couple hours today, so Brooke and I made cinnamon buns, cleaned house, then we babysit my friends daughter while she went on a date, she is the cutest little thing

Brooke came down with a fever in the evening, now she has a head cold, my poor baby, hope she is better quickly.  I'm ready for summer, all the colds/flus etc. 

We missed Sunday morning service because Brooke was really under the weather, I went PM with her but we didn't stay long, she took another fever, My poor baby. 

I am ready for summer to get here so the winter sickies are all gone

Have a great week


  1. I Think The Skirts Are Beautiful Sorry Your Little Girl Don't Feel Good, Hope She Feels Better Real Soon She Adorable!! XO :)

  2. Awww, hope that everyone feels better soon. Good for you to try something new in creating those skirts. It is really cute.

  3. Oh no! Hope everyone's feeling better!


  4. Those little skirts are so cute!!


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