Menu Plan Monday

To keep my self motivated to do this menu planning, every Monday I will post my Menu plan for the week, if there is soemthing you see that you would like the recipe for, feel free to ask because I would love to share with you . 

Here is this weeks Menu 

Monday~Jan 6-Chicken Fetticine/garlic bread
Tuesday~Jan 7-Shake n bake pork chops/oven baked fries
Wednesday~January 8-Pasta/garlic bread
Thursday~January 9- Honey garlic chicken/rice/egg rolls 
Friday~January 10-Kitchen Closed because I get treatment on Fridays and most of the time, i am laying down 
Saturday~January 11-Some sort of snack food for Hockey Night in Canada
Sunday~January 12- Roast Beef dinner


  1. This all sounds so yummy!! Can I come over for dinner....hehehehe

  2. I have never menu planned and think that my entire family would benefit from it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Honey garlic chicken sounds amazing!!! Hockey Night sounds like fun. I so need to make a meal menu. Thanks for inspiring me!

  4. It always helps me to do a weekly menu as it keeps me organized.

  5. Thanks. I am always looking for a new menu plan. I run out of time making my own sometimes,

  6. I have to do menu planning. I keep putting it off and making the same dish, lol!
    Roast beef dinner is a classic. I love making prime rib.

  7. Menu plans are a great idea. I haven't done them because lately I have to buy as I have money lol. But your dinners sound awesome and I bet it helps keep less stressed.

  8. Your menu for the week sounds delicious. I don't cook. At. All. We have a housekeeper who does it all...and she's amazing. Thank God for her or I'd probably starve. ;)


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