Organization 101

As a working wife and mother, I try to stay on top of appointments, field trips, oil changes, I am the president of the school band- that takes organization, I am the hospitality coordinator at church, so I have a lot that I need to organize.

Then I met this beauty
I bring it to work every day and as I think of things that need to be done, I write it in here, it also comes with stickers so you can place a sticker to remind you of things. NO, I didn't get asked to a review, in fact i didn't even plan to mention it but here it is :)

Life is so busy
we seldom remember everything. 

Most people now will use their phone or their computer to remind them of apt's etc, I am old fashioned and I love me a good paper calendar and a nice pen, I look forward to boxing day shopping to get my yearly planner. 

at home I try to be organized as well, i organize my clothing by colour, sometimes I have outfits put together, my office is semi organized, there is still a lot of work I need to do in there, but it is useable for now.
Menu planning also got me to be more organized because now I grocery shop with a list and just th things I need for a particular meal- then when I get up in the morning, either I start the crock pot or let something thaw in the fridge, it takes the stress of me, deciding what to cook takes up so much of my time in the mornings when I don't know what I want to do. 

I also have a notebook I use for the hospitality things, I just like pretty notebooks and pens and I find I stay more organized when I do it that way, sure I can save a file to my computer but chances are, i'll never find it again and will forget about it.

Of course we have Pinterest and there are thousands of organizational tips on there

How about you, what is your favourite things to Organize? 


  1. I love to organise, I really do. I sort toys endlessly back into their correct toy box or drawer, I sort my husbands socks into dress socks, sport socks and work socks, I colour coded entire wardrobe once. I love to label and to name shelves containers and drawers. I could go on for ever and yet there is one thing i do not like to organise and that is the piles of papers that enter our home, the bills, the school notices the what are these for notices. Yes I have created files for them all neatly labelled and yet I shove them in a drawer until I cannot bear to shove another and under protest I file and I file.

  2. I hear ya, i hate doing paper filing too

  3. Thanks for coming over and making a comment on my blog about my kitchen re-do! I LOVE your organizer! I hunt every year for a new book to keep me on track! It gets harder every year to keep up with everything!!

  4. I love to organize as well, and I do love stationary and day planners, but I never tend to have them around when I need them, so I resort to my phone. But I am like you liking the pen and paper thing. I do that when I need to remember to blog or tweet something. I have it written in a notebook. This sounds like a great planner.

  5. I really need to get a great planner and organizing is actually something that I seriously need to work on! Your new design looks streamlined and clean. Congrats!

  6. I am just like you Terri. I love notebooks and pens and much prefer a paper planner to my computer or tablet. I have two planners currently. One for my blog and one for everything else. I feel so much more in control of things now that I have everything written down in one place and can see my day laid out before me. Your planner is adorable. :)

    PS: LOVE the new look. :)

  7. I used to be only paper pencil. But then after kiddo #3, I needed to make sure the hubby was on board, so now we use our phones because we can share calendars!

  8. I need a notebook or something like that. I find when I write down my to do list, i can get about 90% of it down as opposed to my trying to remember to DO things using my memory...

  9. I try to keep my closets organized -but its tough!! you did a great job. The other area is the bathroom cabinet-keeping track of expired meds and the such

  10. I love to organize my shelves and cabinets (except for a couple that are always absolute disasters!) I sometimes get bored and just mov ethings around or into new bins/tubs to make things feel fresh.

  11. organization is on my list this year - I am so dis-organized!


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