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I have never personally met Gill but she is my inspiration, I sign up to get her weekly emails about being fit, staying in shape and loving life, her emails always speak to me, so when she agreed to guest blog, I was stoked. 

Today is the day that I pack away Christmas in my house, for another year. This year Christmas was nothing short of magical, and I hope you all had a similar experience.

The past few days, I've done a lot of reflecting on what the year 2013 was for me. It was filled with the highest of highs, and some very difficult lows. Until 2013, I've never dealt with extreme stress. But incredible things came from that stress, and if you had told me a year ago I would be where I am right now, I never would have believed you.

"Growth occurs in chaos". I read that at a point in 2013 when I felt as if I was drowning, and it has stuck with me.

So, I want to post my thoughts today, my ramblings. Thank you for reading, thank you for your constant support, for your presence, your messages, your texts.

13 Insights from MY 2013:

1. Family is #1. It's simple - family is everything. Family comes ahead of anyone and everyone and you protect and support them always. If there is one thing that the mafia members in the movies do right, it's the unwavering love and support of the family unit. I'm so grateful for the support of family in 2013.

2. Think for yourself. DO NOT allow someone else to control your thoughts, your actions, your behaviours, and your opinions of others. You have a brain inside your head - use it.

3. Take the leap of faith. If you have a dream, make it happen. Don't listen to the doubters. Make things happen- but do it with class and dignity - that way no one will believe anything negative about you, because they can see the true you.

4. Say I love you. Say it often, say it when you mean it and when you feel it. Outside of my husband and kids, I spent many years where I found that difficult to say. I guess it was hard for me to open up that way. Now I make a point to say it when I mean it, to my siblings, my nieces and nephews, my in law family, and the amazing friends that mean so much to me.

5. Take vacations. I don't meant big, fancy, expensive vacation if they are outside of your means. I mean take a step back. And do it on a regular basis. Take time to spend quality time. In 2013 I travelled, I skied, I swam, I danced, I played sports, I had picnics - I finally woke up to the important things in life.

6. Current events - be aware of the news. Do not become consumed, but in order to make informed decisions, you must be aware of the world you live in. Hiding gets you nowhere.

7. Cook, and enjoy your food. It is my belief that having a relationship with food is a wonderful thing. But it must be a healthy relationship. Focus on sharing good food with good company. Don't binge, don't starve, don't overeat.

8. Show Gratitude. Every night before you sleep, think about the things TODAY that you are grateful for. Even if it has been a particularly trying day - there is always something to be grateful for. And as much as you may not want to focus on the good, do it. Trust me when I say it works.

9. Be silly. I try every day to have fun. Fun is my favourite thing. There is a story behind the family Christmas Card pic that I posted here. We tried for weeks to co-ordinate a family photoshoot with a photographer, but with work travel, etc, we just didn't get around to it before the holidays. But this is my favourite Christmas photo of all time. It was taken in my living room at about 8pm on a friday night when myself and my husband and kids had a spontaneous dance to Rudolph, and decided to take a selfie. Not only is my hair not done and I don't have any pretty make up - I hadn't yet showered since my morning run, and a subsequent busy day. But it's the MOMENT that counts.

10. Trust your gut. If something doesn't feel right. If you begin to question your own morals and how they fit into a particular situation, move on. Do not take on other people's mistakes or stresses. Live your own life. The only person you own anything to, is yourself.

11. Exercise daily. For me, this is just as important - or maybe even more important - for my mental health, as it is for my physical health.

12. Appreciate and be appreciated. Give appreciation often. I appreciate my family, my friends, my partner Heidi, our team, and every one of you taking time out of your busy day to read this. I sincerely do.

13. Be Proud. Every day, find something within yourself that you are proud of, and something that someone in your life has done, that you are proud of. In the past week, I reconnected with an old friend, and I'm so proud of everything she has done, is doing, and has the potential to do. Remember that we are all members of the human race - we all share this life, so let's support each other where we can.

2014 is ready for us, let's do this


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  1. Trusting your gut really is important, and so many times my gut was right but I've convinced it otherwise. You'd think I'd learn by now...yes? Still working on it. :)

    Have a great rest of your week. I liked your list!

  2. I totally 100% agree. Family is #1. Great insights. I like #13 as well.

  3. I love your list - what a great fresh way to look at the new year!

  4. I love this insights, especially the one about gratitude. 2013 ended up being such a great year for me because I made sure to be grateful for where I was in my life, and where I was going in the future.

  5. I agree, we all have brains and we shouldn't allow anyone to control us. God didn't create us to be robots! Thank you for the encouragement!

  6. These are fantastic reminders for all of us to be present in today. Life is so short.....

  7. Great reminders for us all - take vacations, be aware of news, but most importantly be appreciative and be appreciated spoke to me!

  8. I have resolved to put my family first this year as I did not do such a great job at it last year. Great post!


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