Weekend Recap

I worked until 2, it was a pretty good day, I had plan to do some writing for the blog ( i use a notebook if thoughts come to me at work), but it was BUSY which is different for a friday but we all survived. Took a taxi to the hospital for treatment, the cab driver was a crazy one and they always freak me out, almost like your life flashes before your eyes, why must they do that, can they not drive normal?

After treatment, picked Brooke up and came home and I went to bed by 5 pm and I slept until 11 pm, then i got up and had some toast because I hadn't eaten since breakfast, then I went back to bed and slept until 4 am which is right now and I am blogging... it is quiet in the blog world at 4 am, but I think I got enough sleep and not sure if I will head back to bed after....
I didn't sleep well on Thursday night so my body needed to catch up on sleep. 

We had no plans and no reason to leave the house til 5 pm, so I cleaned my entire house, it needed a deep clean so it got it... 
I slept a lot because the treatment yesterday kicked my butt, all I wanted to do was sleep.. i did make dinner, then did something around the house, spent time with Brooke
We were having nasty weather, the meeting we had at 5 got cancelled because of the road conditions:

Yeah I am glad we stayed home all day, it has been a long time since we did that. 

Watching some hockey with hubby and off to bed. 

It was nice to be in service this morning and not down with Sunday School, I love those kids but we all need the adult attention at times.
Pastors wife was at the hospital with the oldest, he has something going on in his tummy, keep him in prayer- so I was going to bring the other 2 kids home because Pastor had some things that he needed to do today, but half way thru she came in, they couldn't find anything wrong but he sure has a lot of pain, so i took the oldest two home for the afternoon, they had fun.
I took my regular sunday nap and hubby took care of the kids, Thanks hun <3

I got my new look, i am seriously in love with it, very simple but i truly love it. 

That does it for me, Monday is coming very quickly and I don't feel ready for it.
Off to veg and relax more :)
Have a great week


  1. That looks like our city this past weekend too.. icy and accidents everywhere! I like your new look.. the colors are really light and pretty.

  2. This happened to so many cities. My hospital system has 6 hospitals all together and our ED's were SO BUSY!! Ambulances lined up, people falling on the ice--glad you decided to stay home and avoid the risks

  3. Oh my goodness! Hang in there and really hope that some warmth breaks up that ice soon!

  4. wow! Your streets look similar to ours a mess - except ours in rain and flooding!

  5. OH geeze, that's some crazy ice!!

  6. Yikes!! Stay safe! I love snow but there are definitely hazards to it as well.

  7. So sorry about the dangerous roads. The city of Atlanta shuts down any time there's bad weather.


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