Terri's Thursday Thoughts- Letter to my daughter

Dear Brooke, 

I wanted to start writing you letters because I know you read my blog so i wanted to write something to you. 

Being your mom is the greatest thing in my life after marrying your Daddy, you light up our lives each and every second of the day. 
You are so helpful, responsible and caring to everyone, you are an animal lover, wheter it be a spider with 2 legs or a 8 leg one, a bunny- a bird to a snake, you love them all, we have a lot of frogs around here and sometimes when it's raining they are everywhere and it hard to not drive over them, we try not to for your sake baby girl .

You are 10 now, it seems that last 10 years have flown by.....


  1. Time goes by so quickly! I know my boys will be 10 years old before I know it.

  2. My little sister is 10 (there is a 12 year age difference between us) and it feels like such a BIG age to see them hit double digits. She's so quickly turning into an adolescent instead of being just a young girl and its so exciting to watch her grow and mature and start to problem solve in new ways and see things from a new perspective, etc but its crazy how quickly she's grown, I wish I could say that I hope the next 10 years are slower but I know they won't e so I guess I'll just hope they don't go even faster.

  3. 10 is really a milestone! It will be great for her to look back on this again when she hits 20!

  4. How sweet, what a great thing to look back on when she's older

  5. This is a great way to preserve memories for your children!

  6. Awww...what a sweet thing to do for your daughter. She sounds like a wonderful girl.


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