Confessional Friday

Its Friday again and its time to get Confessing, Linking up with Leslie 

1) after being on a sick leave, working one day, finishing that job, then playing the waiting game for  my new job to start, I am ready for a night out tonight with some lovely ladies, this momma needs some laughter and girl time

2) My baby girl was gone away for a few days for March Break, she got back today and I may have cried because I was so lonely while she has been gone.She did some shopping and bought 2 pairs of shoes and it made this shoe lover momma happy 

3) I watch Honey boo boo and i wonder why i do, that family is rich for being silly, but I laugh my whole way thru and wonder how i even got to be a TV show 

4) I have my surgery on Tuesday ( March 11) and I am scared... not sure what they are gonna find but i'm hoping for some answers. 

5) I'm very very excited to begin my new job on March 17, we decided to wait til my surgery is done, just makes more sense. 

What's on your mind today?


  1. Wow... You do have some things on your mind!
    I have a lot going on in my mind too- pregnancy etc :-)
    I am happy to meet you :-)

  2. Best of luck with your new job and I really hope that you enjoy your ladies night out! Praying for your health and successful surgery. xo

  3. Good luck with your surgery, Terri! And good luck w/your new job too. :)

    I have never seen Honey Boo Boo (which means nothing because I don't know any shows hardly) but I have heard of her. :)

  4. Hoping and praying your surgery goes well...hope you get the answers you need.

    I watched Honey Boo Boo once and I was flabbergasted. I wondered myself how it got to be a TV show as well.

  5. Sending well wishes for your surgery and hoping you find answers. Also, best of luck with your new job!


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