Wednesdays for Women-Week 1- Love

{To Inspire and Encourage}

For the next few weeks I want to share a little study about the Fruit of the Spirit. 

Week One: LOVE 

All the fruits of the spirit are held together by "Love"

There are many types of love:

Love between a married couple 
Love between parents and children
Love between friends

This week we will focus on love, the first fruit of the Spirit given in Galatians 5:22. To understand the fruit of love begins with looking at God and His righteousness. The people of Israel worshiped God and were taught to fear Him because of His power and majesty. Israel knew God to be the loving One who would keep His covenant with His people as well as the righteous judge ever true to His word. The nation of Israel was told to love their God with all their heart, soul, and might in Deuteronomy 6:5. This week’s lesson will look at biblical teaching concerning love, to help us understand what it means to make known the fruit of love through our lives. 

It may seem cliche, but Jesus' willingness to die for the world's sins is the epitome of love. It is the example of love that we should all strive toward. Jesus didn't have to die for our sins. He could have given in to the demands of the Pharisees. He could have said he was not the Messiah, but he did not. He knew what telling the truth meant, and he was willing to die up on that cross - a terrible and torturous death. He was beaten and cajoled. He was pierced. And yet, he did it all for us, so that we would not have to die for our sins.

Questions you can answer in the comments or just for you to think on: 
How can you become more loving toward others?
Think of one way you might demonstrate love to someone today. 

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  1. I think one way you can become more loving to others is to put yourself in their shoes. Remember someone is always going through something, even if we can't see it.

  2. Being kind is a way to show love and I'm trying to be kinder especially during Lent

  3. There are so many types of love, I work hard at loving my husband and kid better every day.

  4. Love sometimes has to be worked at, and other times it's easy. It's finding that balance that works best for you.

  5. That definitely is the epitome of love. Its hard to grasp sometimes. I think the only way I can grasp it is knowing that as a parent I would die for my children. So I know that he meant for us to understand that kind of love by giving us the ability to love the same way.

  6. Love the Fruits of the Spirit, I constantly have to ask God to refine me so that I can display them.


Thanks for the blogging Love

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