Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

I am writing this from work on friday on lunch break and just getting a head start on my weekend recap, i usually write it every evening during the weekend, but here we go

My alarm didn't go off this morning, well it did but I never heard it bc silly me I had the sound off, im glad Brooke woke up, she sleeps with me when Daddy is away.. ( 24 more hours;) )
So we got ready in a hurry, I dropped her of at school and I left for work, I stopped for coffee and a muffin at Tim Hortons, I needed the cafeine today.
I am so glad I put lunches together last night so I didn't have to do that this morning.
I got to work and I checked email, replied and then started on my daily task- I had to complete some cash books this morning, I love working here ( a fun update on Tuesday).
Then I went into some training to learn some new things. I had a great teacher and it has been fun.
After work I dropped Brooke's clothes of to her at a hotel because she was having a sleep over birthday party there, then I went home to take  nap before I went to a friends house for a house warming party, it was a nice time:

I didn't get any pictures of the guest of honour.. 

Came home and I had a friend here with Jaredene, we did nails, junk food, movie and lots of fun. It was much needed. 

We had to go in town for 10 am to pick up Brooke, then we came home and went back to bed and slept til 1 pm, we had a really late night
Then we went to the mall so I could get a couple things I needed, then we went to the airport to pick up my honey 
Here is his plane

She is excited to see Daddy 

Mommy and her little lady <3 

I made pulled pork for dinner( big mistake though, more info coming), then hubby and I watched hockey...
I got in bed and pain hit me very hard, I was in a lot of pain until 4 am... 

WE had sunday morning service which was incredible, we had a guy come to know Jesus, and another girl receive the holy spirit, they both got baptized in the PM service. 

Back to work tomorrow, I am excited to go to work :)


  1. I have a problem hearing my alarm, too! It sure was fortunate that your daughter woke up early enough. Sounds like a great weekend!

  2. I have slept through my alarm every day for the last week but thankfully the baby has been cool about making sure mommy is up in time to get the older kids out the door!

  3. sounds like a great week. i have to hang out with girlfriends for a manicure soon.

    Michelle F.

  4. It's great to see kids excited to see their parents coming home! That's how it should be. I've never been to Tim Horton's, heard they have good breakfast though.

  5. Aww, sounds like a great week. I could use a mani

  6. sounds like you had a really nice time, those moments that we look forward to for so long go by so fast don't they!


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