Confessional Friday

It's Friday again, this week has gone very fast and this week I am confessing...

1) I am patently counting down the hours until my hubby is back (Saturday at 12:30 pm) , I miss him and I enjoy the one on one time with Brooke but I like him being home with us too. He had to go to Newfoundland, ( home for us), for a conference where he is speaking, so its great experience for him and I know he is enjoying this part of his career, but I miss him

2) I love my new job so much, I have already worked an hour over time because I am trying to catch up on things that were not completed before I started, so I am working on that plus a lot of cash books to complete, check back on Tuesday for my job update.

3) Tonight Brooke is at a sleep over, and I am home ALONE- I am so excited to have the whole bed to myself, do what ever  want, I am soooo excited, is that so wrong ;)

4) I am excited to be planning another Vacation for Late August for just me this time, I am thinking about going to Colorado and spend some time with my sister and kiddies.

What about you, whats on your mind?


  1. What's your new job? It's so important to have a job you love! Also, I totally identify with being home alone. It can be SO nice.

  2. How far are you from Newfoundland? I've never been to Colorado but have heard it's beautiful.

  3. oh good, soon your hubby will be home --- today is Saturday! Yeah!

  4. Glad you got to enjoy some alone time. All moms need it!


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