Happy 30th Birthday to Our Angel

Your birthday is here again, it is a birthday that I could NEVER forget, when we have a family as big as ours, it is easy to forget birthdays, thanks to face book now I get a notification... but your birthday has been on my mind for the past few weeks

From the time you were an infant baby to a toddler to a tween-ager, a teenager, a grown adult, you had a special place in my heart that can never be filled by another person, this place only belongs to you. 

So often I go to msg you on FB to tell ya something that I knew you would be happy for, you wanted to know how Brooke and Andrew was every time we talked, you loved them both as they loved you. 

You liked to do crafts- painting, cross stitch, plastic canvas, knit, anything that kept you busy, you enjoyed. 
You loved to go for walks in the evenings with a friend, they would roll you in your wheel chair, sometimes stopping for a ice cream or at Jessie's store for a treat. You always had a funny story to tell us. 
I think of all our trips to Baie Verte with sis and Ninny ( Stephanie and Jennifer), you and i would sit in the car most of the times just laughing and chatting about what ever. 

We had a lot of fun times together from the time i cooked you hamburgers, to the conversations while you were in the hospital, I miss you so much Marcie

You with your nephew who you adored.

This birthday you have a cancer free body, you have no spinal bifida, you do not need a wheel chair, you are celebrating with the angels with a brand new body, I can just see you jumping around as you blow out your birthday candles, you are free of leg braces, free of sickness, you are in Heaven and even though I miss you, you would not want to come back to this crazy world. 

You were incredible in every thing you did or said- you loved helping people, you loved having people visit you, you loved hanging out with friends, you always had a good word to say to encourage someone. You always had something encouraging on your Facebook, you are missed so much. 
Today I went and visited your face book, there are so many people commenting and saying they miss you, you were loved by everyone. 

To say I miss you is an under statement, when Rachel told me she was expecting again, the first person I went to tell was you, only to find out you were not there anymore, Taylor misses his Auntie Marcie, Stephanie misses you- you guys spent so much time together, Jennifer- misses you, she misses telling you all about Taylor, even though i'm sure you can look down and see him every second of every day, Stefan misses you- he feels the pain of you not there when he walks by your room, your Mom and Dad- they miss you more then words can every say, they say time heals but it really don't... I miss you more now then I ever did. 

I hope this is the best Birthday you ever had. 

Happy Birthday to our Angel

I love and miss you


  1. God Bless your family. Continue to remember Rachel!

  2. So beautiful! Marcie is pain free and I am sure she is a perfect angel :)
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. What a sweet post you have wrote for your angel. I bet she is looking over you smiling, knowing that you are thinking of her.

  4. What a touching post for someone you loved so much. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter, and I am so glad that she is in a better, pain free place.

  6. This is a wonderful birthday post for someone you obviously loved so much. It's very nice, Terri.

  7. Marcie sounded like a wonderful person. I love that we can have the ability to let go and realize they are in a better place free of the ailments that plague us here on earth. What a great friend she had in you.

  8. Incredibly touching! Sending my best. xx

  9. Awwww, how sweet...all the best!

  10. Terri I'm trying to Tweet your lovely post, but I can't find the Twitter handle. Help ? :)


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