Confessional Friday

Linking up with Leslie who may or may not be hosting a Link up this week as she has been sick, keep her in your prayers please :) 

Let's confess

1) I think Spring has sprung, we have gotten some warmer temperatures this week, still not summer warm temps but I'll take the spring temps. 

2) This week I got a massage from a friend and it was amazing! She was super good to me.

3) Brooke is taking her babysitters course today, makes me feel like my baby is all grown up.

4) I am hanging out with a girlfriend tonight, we are going out for chinese food.. and who knows what else

Cheers, have a great weekend


  1. I LOVE Chinese food.....so.....I'm a fellow Chinese food eater, and I approve this message! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your world!

  2. I love these special moments that you have captured and love the visuals that go along with it!!!!! Makes me want to run out quickly and get a massage! Blessings!


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