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Every few months I like to do a recap on our family and what's been going on over here, I think it is nice that I can look back if need to and see what happened at such a time .. so today I wanted to share some family updates..

The Little Lady- who just happens to be taller then me, although at 5"3, that isn't a hard task to be taller then myself, she is becoming quite the lady and tomorrow she is going to take her babysitters course, after that she can officially stay home alone for up to 2 hours, she cannot have friends here or stay longer then that until she turns 12, i am not excited about her being alone but she enjoys it, said she has her music up load and can do her own thing... ( this mommy is sobbing in a corner).
Her teacher's say she is an absolute delight to be in class with, her friends at school all want her to be in their group for projects etc. I use to think I had a busy social life, well not at all compared to her.. she has had 2 sleep overs this week, she got invited to a movie and a sliding party, it is March Break over here, she has been fully enjoying her self.
She is in love with Giraffe's and has quite the collection of them, her bedroom theme is Paris, we just finished doing that and she loves it, not sure the giraffe's and the Paris theme goes well together but that is what she wanted, what she wants, she ( usually gets)
She has been dealing with a lot of head aches so we took her to the chiropractor today after taking her to have her eyes tested and no glasses needed, the chiro said she needs a couple of adjustments and she should be good as new.

The Mr- The greatest man in the entire world.  He has been having some back issues and right now he is in a lot of pain from having some adjustments done, the chiro said he should have about 40 sessions to get everything fixed up properly, that is a huge chunk of change.  We are thankful for good insurance that will cover up to $1000.
His current contract is up in July, when we moved here in 2012, July of 2015 felt so far away but now it is nearly here and they want to extend him, he will probably take the extension until the following March 2016, then we are not sure where we may go or do, nothing is definite right now so I won't share any more details until I know more.
besides all his regular work schedule he is the media director at church, he does the web site, makes programs to keep things running smoothly etc, I help him with the media and most times I am doing the slide show etc.

Me- I am working still at 10-7 pm, I really do not like this shift but hey, it is a job and it brings in money. I hope it gets changed back soon though to my normal hours.  I do not have my own dealership anymore, they took me off and wanted to have me as a floater, which means I learn all dealerships within our Business Development Center and I fill in when people are sick, the down side is that I never know where I am going to be per day, but the fun part is I learn new things all the time and it is never boring.
My new medication is kinda working, much slower then we had originally anticipated, it is mainly used for urgency which I do not have a lot of, I need something for the pain, something to settle my pain down at nights when It is unbearable. Let's hope something good comes along soon.
I have an interview coming up on Monday that I very much want this job, its for an admin position with a company that is not to far from where I live now and the schedule is 8:30- 4:30, Monday to Friday so off course I want it. I appreciate the good luck vibes sent my way.
Any questions you have for my family, ask them below and I will answer them soon


  1. Aww I hope your family finds relief in the chiropractor! It has helped my hip/tailbone/spine issues a lot! Definitely stick with it. Are you able to go too? Maybe it would ease your pain, too :/ Sounds like you have a sweet daughter, hard-working hubby, and definite good luck vibes your way! :)

  2. I'm sorry about your husband's back. And I hope you find something for your pain soon!! (hugs)

    I am loving the Paris/Giraffe theme. I like both too. :)

  3. Good luck on your interview!! I second the chiropractor advice, you should look into it for you too.

  4. Sounds busy! I work a similar schedule of 9:30-7:15. Kind of rough!

  5. *Good* chiropractors have worked wonders for me–especially when I was pregnant–and lots of other people I know. Love the Family Update idea, especially for friends and fam who like to keep up but aren't close by!


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