Wife talk- 10 Keys To Making A Great Marriage:

10 Keys To Making A Great Marriage: 

1. Put God first~ I once read a poem- Marriage Takes Three, so true, we need God to be in our marriages. 

2. Love one another with actions~ Do things to make their lives easier- pack his lunch on the morning he/she is running late etc. 

3. Apologize often~ Even if you feel you are not to blame, apologize, it will make you both feel better 

4. Give generously~ Give of your self, satisfy each other's needs. 

5. Live simply~ Exactly as it says 

6. Forgive quickly~ Don't let fights go on and on, forgive, talk and move on 

7. Always be kind~ Do not air your dirty laundry to your friends or family, it will hurt your spouse to know you told someone, so be kind to him.

8. Don't blame~ There is nothing gained by throwing the blame around, refer to # 3 and #6.

9. Touch each other~ I make it a point to hug him first thing in the morning and last thing I do at night, I love when we touch, makes me feel so close. 

10. Listen more than speak~ Let him/her talk, do not interrupt, let them get it all out then offer some advice if they asked. 


  1. Wonderful advice, so true! I'm not good at #6 and know I need to work on that... thanks for the reminder.

  2. #3 has changed my marriage. Even when I'm still mad, I find that if I get it out, both of us change our reactions!

  3. These are great tips and a great reminder. It is hard to get a perfect score on these at any given time but is something to aspire to.

  4. I love #1! I think that if we put God first in our marriage and include Him in our DAILY lives, then things will fall into place :) Great list! Love it all!

  5. lovely advice and good reminders for everyone.

  6. Excellent advice! So true of all the great marriages I've seen in my lifetime. Number 10 is definitely a struggle for me! lol Talking just comes so much easier to me than it does to him.... but that just goes to show how much I need to work on my listening skills. :)

  7. Your husband is one very blessed man!

  8. I absolutely love this list. I'm going to print it out. Thank you for sharing this. Tell your husband he has a great wife :)

  9. This is so great. I believe #1 is the key to a successful marriage. Thanks for the list.

  10. We all need these reminders... today's world is so busy (self imposed mostly) that these simple acts are often forgotten.


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