Wife Talk- Cheap Date Nights

  1. the coffee house. Coffee's are pricey when you're spending nearly $5 per coffee/day; however if you take your sweetheart to the coffee house and spend an hour or two on the patio chatting about life and flirting, $10.00 turns out to be a pretty inexpensive date.
  2. the fireplace. Especially with fall weather approaching. Find a sitter and then go back home, start up a fire, grab a blanket, and snuggle.
  3. a simple walk in the park. This date idea tends fade out after you've been married for a couple of years, but never underestimate the walk in the park. Great conversations, holding hands, and a few little pecks on the cheek make the park a fun little memory.
  4.  cook together. Find something that's both delicious and somewhat challenging to make. Make sure you have a couple of candles on standby to enjoy the meal after you've cooked it together.
  5. drive to a nearby town. Sometimes we tend to adjust to our home town and feel like we're confined to the invisible city limit walls. Look up a local nearby town and drive to it. Get out and walk around and try to find a fun little hole in the wall place to eat. If it's delicious, you'll go back; if not, you'll have a good laugh!
  6. fire pit and s'mores. Something that can be done in all seasons of the year, but obviously my favorite is fall. Put a big comfy sweater on and hang out by the fire.
  7. take a stroll downtown. And take your camera. 
  8. Take a scenic drive
  9. Make a fire outside. This is free and hands down, the best date ever.


  1. This is so great! We just had a cheap date night and it was beyond special and so important. Regardless of what's going on - it's so important to carve out this time.

  2. This is go great! Cheap dates are the best!

  3. We love doing simple (inexpensive) thing together. It is guilt free and the less distractions the more time you have to enjoy each other on your date.

  4. These are great ideas. It can be tough to go out to fancy dinners for date night, so it's nice to find some easy, cheap ideas. Plus, I love how these change it up a bit. A fire pit and s'mores sound so nice- I wish it would get warmer soon.

  5. Not just cheap, but creative and memorable! I always tell my husband that I don't want to go out for dinner…I love these ideas!

  6. Love cheap date night ideas! Thank you.

  7. Very good practical ideas - taking a stroll or visiting somewhere or taking an afternoon out - just to catch some fresh air is so helpful and renewing! Thanks for the tips!

  8. Great ideas--my husband does not cook, but he would love the outdoor firepit or the walks together.

  9. Fire and smores! I love that. Anything that allows for conversation makes a good date.


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