Remembering Kara Tippett's

This post has been on my heart and mind for over a week now so I figured I had best get the words out of my mind. 

Last Sunday the world lost an amazing lady, one who never wanted attention on her, she wanted the attention to be on Jesus, she wanted all who knew her to know how much Jesus loves them. 

She has battled with breast cancer for about 3 years. And even though she had cancer Kara always had so much faith! Every time I read her blog, I leave inspired and motivated to live life in the fullest way possible! 

I never had the privilege to meet her in real life, I read her blog, her book ( the hardest piece), I checked her website/facebook page every single day, last sunday when I signed on and saw she is now an angel, my heart dropped, I know she was anxious to go home with Jesus, but I know he family are hurting without her

When I checked her instagram out, so many people shared things about Kara that they loved and most of the comments was about the love she showed to everyone, she shared Jesus with her friends, family and they appreciated that of her. 

Even though I never met her in person, I feel such a connection with her, not even sure why.... well yeah I do... I don't have cancer, but I do know Jesus and some day we will meet in Heaven. 

Until then Rest easy Kara. 

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  1. What a great tribute! I recently lost my grandmother and so this post really resonates with me!


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