Weekend Recap

Worked til 7 pm, Brooke went to a friends house for a sleep over and hubby made a reservations at Montana's- it is Canada's version of Texas Roadhouse ( My absolute favourite in the world) - True fact speaking of yummy steak restaurants- up til vacation last year I had never tasted a steak- always thought I never liked it, but my first taste it was love at first taste and now I can't get enough- he knows my love language for sure. We came home around 10, watched some TV, he went to bed early, he has been dealing with a bad back, hoping he feels better soon 

Didn't do a whole lot in the morning, we had to pick Brooke up around lunch time, then we had to drive out of town to get my new medication, went to McDonalds and ate on the road... 
did some grocery shopping, went to Michael's, I needed a couple of things for Ladies Tea that I am hosting on Tuesday Night, took a nap when I got home, woke up to Andrew cooking chilli and friends wanted to come over for chilli and nachos, we watched hockey with them, I stayed up to late again watching Grounded for Life. 

Welcome March! Beautiful Spring like morning. 
Went to AM service, I was excited to get to be the first one to use our new projector, last sunday the old one stopped working suddenly, the new one is so nice and tiny and I like it. 
Made a stuffed roasted chicken for lunch, took a normal sunday afternoon nap, went back to PM service,  we had guests in today and it was a great weekend. 

Have a great week!!! 

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  1. I'm loving these recap posts...I think I might do something like this! I mainly focus on recipes (I don't have time to talk about my personal life, lol!).


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