Marriage and Money

I am no Pro on this topic and we are not debt free (yet), we are working towards that though and it is all thanks to Dave Ramsey and our Pastor who taught on financial peace, we immediately saved our emergency fund as Dave suggest- that emergency fund is not a "rainy day fund" or some "money for when your bored", this is money for an actual emergency, i.e.: what if your car breaks down, or a family member passes away (etc), money that you can both agree it is an emergency.  We do a monthly budget and we budget every cent, right down to every penny, we give each other allowances, this is for coffee, clothing ( that we want and not need), shoes ( I DO NOT need any new shoes)... if Brooke needs something this is budgeted for. 
Since following Dave Ramsey- we took a 18 day vacation all with Cash- we do not Own credit cards, we used cash for everything on the trip and it felt so amazing to be able to come back and still have money in the bank. 

Some Rules to get ya thinking the right way about money 

1) By far, rule number one is, "don't spend more than you make." Doesn't matter if you make $500,000 a year or $5000 a year ... DON'T spend more than you make.
2) Life isn't about working and making money, it's about relationships. No one on the deathbed ever said, "I wish I would have spent more time in the office."
3) Don't make major purchases without talking them over together.
4) Communicate with your spouse about money, bills and finances.
5) Don't hide purchases from your spouse. That's dishonest.
6) Refuse to use credit cards (they are TROUBLE).
7) Educate yourself by attending a Dave Ramsey "Financial Peace" class (excellent) or reading his book.
8) Set aside a little money for some fun things to do together as a couple (date night, etc). This doesn't have to be much ... just make sure you invest $$ in your relationship too.
9) Strive to live debt free. It will make your marriage relationship SO much less stressful.


  1. So true! I got rid of my major credit cards and I spend much less. Great tips. I should definitely read Dave Ramsey's book.

  2. I know so many people taking the Dave Ramsey course at churches around here in my area too. Very interesting! The fact that couples are coming together to work on finances together is probably already the biggest first step! Thanks for this insight on it, and good luck as you continue!

  3. My husband and I (and really most of my family) love Dave Ramsey. Good advice.

  4. I agree. We don't have a lot of savings and we haven't used a credit card in about 9 years, but we went to HAWAII and paid cash, came home with so much piece of mind! It was much more enjoyable to take a trip without getting into debt, without worrying any more about it once we were home.

  5. Very helpful tips! Money management is so important and I love Dave Ramsey! Smart guy! ☺ Good job working toward being debt free!

  6. I feel like I just got a lecture from my Mom about saving money! J/k I definitely agree with all these tips, just wish some of them weren't easier said than done.

  7. These are great, simple, important!! tips to follow.

  8. Awesome tips! My husband and I follow Ramsey's secrets to financial peace and it has absolutely improved and strengthened our relationship. Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a feeling to be debt free! And with Dave's help, and intentional spending, it's doable! A good, motivating post.

  10. Credit cards are evil lol.... I can officially say that I am now credit card free after buying my home! So lame that banks make you have credit cards to buy homes.....

  11. There is so much freedom in being debt free! I might be constrained in what I can buy when I use a cash only system, but it creates freedom for the rest of my life.

  12. I just love Dave Ramsey and have been through the financial peace university. We relisten to the Cd's occasionally just to stay on track.


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