My heartfelt thoughts on Christmas

When I think of Christmas.. 
In my mind I see a beautiful tree in the corner, I see a a christmas village bustling with people going near and far, I see a jolly red santa with kids on his knee telling them what they want for Christmas, I see people running through the mall loaded down with packages, I see stress all over their faces as they swipe their visa one more time, then I see the packages being tossed in a bin for the homeless people, the families that have next to nothing for Christmas and this is what happens in my heart.
My heart flutters when I see things being given to the homeless, the less fortunate, knowing that people are not to busy to share with those people. 
Christmas is not about all of the above, but we do make it a commercial holiday, they try toby more then the neighbour etc but we need to think that is what Jesus came for.. he came as that baby in a manager, he came to seek and save those who are lost, this Christmas take time to think about the real meaning of Christmas, thank that baby in a manager, tell someone the Christmas Story and how he is the reigning King. 

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