Weekend Recap

Friday: Back to Thursday for a min- we got a major storm and we were without power from Thursday night at 8:30- Friday am 11:00 am 
So I went to a friend's house for the day- hung out, chatted, laughed and hung out her baby boy 
Hubby and I got home around 4:30, roads were actually pretty good compared to the day before and the storm, Brooke had a youth Christmas party that we had to take her to,, hubby and I had a dinner date, then to the mall to run a quick errand, when we got home I went to bed, I do not sleep well when there is no power ( for some weird reason). 
Sometime during the night the power went out again.. Le Sigh 

When we woke the power was back on. 
Moses left at 11:30 am- I never went to the airport, it was just to hard to see him leave. 
We had a leadership training at the church from 1-4 pm, it was a very informative meeting, I really like our new Pastor- he is all about equipping us to be the leader that shows love and care in our cities. 

We got home after 5:15 and had a few mins to rest and then back to the church for 7 pm for practice for the Christmas Program.. Brooke and I and three other girls are doing a sign drama for the program next Sunday, I will try and get a video of it and post it. 

We were back at our old building today so no early morning set up. 
so an extra hour to sleep, wheeee ;)  
Sam came over for lunch and then her and I chatted about planners and things, it was a nice relaxing sunday 

How was your weekend? 

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