Weekend recap

I went to Starbucks and hung out for the day as I had a ex work dinner to attend at 1 pm, so I had to go in early as we live outside of town and I had no other way in. 
We went to the delta hotel ( where i used to work, actually I was in the office location), we went there for the pasta buffet, oh my it was so good, they have a really good chef there, We took a one last final group picture, chances are we may never all work together again ( well I'm no longer there now) 

This tree is huge, it is a real one at that. 

it was a beautiful time with some special friends. 
I did some shopping after that, my husband is the hardest person to buy for, he has everything he wants and then some, I can't say what i bought for him because he does read here. Brooke went to a youth night sleep over, hubby and I went to a friends house for dinner and a gift exchange, it was nice time together. 

Didn't sleep in to much because I wanted to clean the house, do laundry and get the suitcases packed, I did have some errands to run and when we got to town it was so busy, I wanted to just go home, but I had to get things done because we leave tomorrow. 
I also picked up the last prescription for a medication that I have been on for 4 years, it felt good to know I am done with it and hope I never need it again, it has a lot of side effects and I cannot wait until they are all done. I felt like I was walking on a cloud and was just so full of happiness... 

Came home, took a quick nap, my antibiotics are making me so sleepy, face timed with  my family, then I made dinner and finished chores around the house and then I packed, realized I needed to pay the extra amount for the extra suitcase, i went over board buying for my sister's kiddies, I cannot help myself. 

Morning service and set up, after morning service we left to drive to my aunts house, she is much closer to the airport we are staying the night with her and then tomorrow we drive to the airport, we fly really early Tuesday morning. 

Merry Christmas to you all 

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