Weekend Recap

Met a friend for lunch, we went to Swiss Chalet, it is one of my favourite restaurants. After that I went to the mall, I am looking for a gift for my best friend and I have not found it yet, won’t get to see her before i head home for Christmas. 
I am looking for the right item but I am not sure what that is yet, I did find one thing but she reads here so I best not say ;) (Hi Cristie)
We had taco night when we got home, it has been a long time since we had taco’s, it was so good. 
Brooke and I watched Cinderella as a mommy/daughter night, it was fun. 

Slept in a bit, hubby made brunch, after we ate I got so sick, I am not sure what came over me, even now it is still hurting, i laid on the bathroom floor and I couldn’t move for the longest time. I had to go in town to run errands, Walmart was madness, I am so glad I went to the pharmacy and left again. 
I went to a concert with the lady I assist at the radio station, I am so glad I went, I saw a couple of friends there, it was so fun. 
We went for pizza after the concert…I’m not so sure I should have eaten it with my belly the way it is… 
Had a final 2015 FaceTime date with my sister when I got home, she heads to Canada tomorrow, I head there next sunday, this week had best move quickly. 

Sunday: Morning service was great, after service I went to visit my best friend and we exchange presents, she got me such adorable things,

 I also exchanged presents with another close friend.

I love this picture from my friend Carol Ann
I got this with a gorgeous card from Pastor and the church, it was so nice 

Sun Pm was our Christmas program, it was a great night, I was part of the sign team, Brooke did a solo on her clarinet and she did so well, so proud of everyone

Next Sunday I will be travelling so I am not sure if I can do a weekend recap but I will try, we head home early Monday Morning. 

Have a great week Friends 


Thanks for the blogging Love

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