5 Signs You Need to Wear Braces

Orthodontic problems need to be addressed properly in a timely fashion, because they can have a negative effect on your overall health if you leave them untreated.
It’s vital that the symptoms of orthodontic problems are discovered early, so that they can be dealt with as soon as possible and prevent more serious deformations and damages. So, if you notice some of the following symptoms, make sure you make an appointment with the local orthodontist immediately.

An overbite is a condition in which your upper teeth extend past the lower teeth when you bite down, thus covering more than half of their visible surface. This condition is noticeable when the front teeth stick out much further than the bottom teeth, but the severity can vary. If you have an increased overbite, your risk of
trauma to the front teeth will increase. In case of an injury, you’ll be at much higher risk of fracturing the front teeth. Veneers, crowns, and cosmetic fillings won’t last long unless you treat an overbite problem.

An abnormal bite in which an upper tooth is behind the lower opposing tooth is the condition called a crossbite. Some of the possible side effects of this condition include excessive wear of teeth, increased gum recession of the affected teeth, and
asymmetric jaw growth. This can further lead to facial asymmetry, so it’s vital that you treat the problem as soon as you notice any symptoms. Gastrointestinal discomfort is also one of the side effects of misaligned teeth, so don’t wait for your jaw to become sore or your chewing to become unbearable, but treat the problem
quickly and make an appointment with the local orthodontist in Bondi Junction.

One of the most common reasons Australians seek orthodontist’s help is teeth crowding. If there’s not enough space in the mouth for all the teeth, they’ll eventually start to crowd, making each other crooked. If left untreated, crowding will make brushing and flossing a real nightmare, because you’ll need twice as much time to clean your teeth. If any areas are left uncleaned, plaque will build up quickly and eventually cause cavities. So, if you notice that your teeth aren’t straight, it would be best to look for Invisalign braces that’ll help you get your teeth back in line. If you opt for Invisalign, Bondi Junction area has some of the best orthodontists
you can turn to for consultation and treatment. Gum disease, bad breath, and bone loss are some of the more severe oral problems that can also arise, unless you treat your crooked teeth promptly.

When your lower teeth extend past the upper teeth after you bite down, it results in underbite. Disproportionate jaw size is usually the reason behind this problem, and one of the possible side effects of an underbite is an imbalanced facial appearance.
Also, if you leave this problem untreated, you may experience accelerated facial ageing and difficulty biting and chewing. Jaw misalignment can also cause tight and strained muscles, which will lead to frequent headaches.

An abnormal bite in which the front teeth don’t touch is called an openbite. A difficulty in biting and speech problems are just some of the serious issues an openbite can cause, so it’s vital that you make an appointment at your orthodontist if you notice you can’t bite and chew with ease.
If you’ve experienced any of the aforementioned problems, make sure you pay a visit to the nearest orthodontist. Don’t wait for the problem to become more severe because you’ll put your health in danger, and risk suffering from an even more complicated condition. Oral health is equally important as your overall health,
precisely because if your teeth are not healthy, they’ll affect the health of your entire body.

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