7 Must-Have Clothes For Moms In 2018

With a plethora of high-end fashion runways showcasing the latest spring trends of 2018, most of
us are left in awe of the classy silhouettes and summery fabrics showcased! The pastel shades of
vanilla pink, powder blue, and blush lavender have ignited the fashionista in all the ladies out there!
Well, it will be quite unfair if the fashionista moms are kept away from these classy and comfy fashion trends. Keeping the similar thought in mind, we have brought together top 7 mom-
fashion trends
that one should definitely stick-to this summer!

1. Easy-breezy Maxi Dresses
This sultry summer definitely calls for some easy-going maxi dresses. With some floral prints,
striped patterns or solid pastel shades, maxi dresses are the most versatile piece of clothing
young moms can opt for. You can add your own touch to the simple A-line silhouette with an
off-shoulder neckline or loose ruffle sleeves.

2. Flared Culottes
If you are looking for a slightly formal choice of outfit and want to feel uber-comfortable
wearing the same, then culottes are the perfect pick for you. You can choose between solid or
patterned, printed or embellished, bright or subtle, and the variety goes on and on. Pair these
flared pants with a knotted top if you want to flaunt that slim-waistline or just pair it with a solid
top, and a pair of wedges to further add oomph to your attire. Pair them with a customised t-shirt 
to give your outappeal.

3. Leggings
Whether it is your vacation time or you are just going out for a workout session, leggings and
sneakers forms the best gym apparel for all those health conscious moms. Leggings come with
extra elasticity to ensure your comfort and the sneakers are undoubtedly the evergreen pick for
events like trekking, dirt bike riding, spontaneous road trips or day out for a fun-filled sport like

4. Evergreen Florals

Floral prints have been on-and-off in trend from ages and still manages to woo us with their
soothing versatility. You can opt for floral pants, midi skirts, summer dresses, off-shoulder maxi
dresses or a basic floral print top. You can even opt for a floral hairband or earrings to add up the
fashion quotient of your regular outfit.

5. Denim
Denim jeans are the most obvious way of adding denim hue to your wardrobe. Some other chic
denim attires include jackets, overalls, jumpsuits, tops and even dresses. The subtlety of denim
ensures its versatility and one can flaunt this ever-green look during any time of the day.

6. Suit-up
Every working mom would have faced the sudden breakdown after knowing about an urgent
meeting that has popped up at work. To do away with this worrisome issue, pant suits come
really handy. Adding a pair of monochrome pantsuit in your wardrobe is a brilliant idea for all
the working moms. You can choose from a palette of browns, greys, pastels, beige or the classy

7. Accessories
While apparels form the major part of fashion trends, the complementing accessories are also a
huge deal breaker. These days comfort plays a major role in deciding your pair of footwear or
sunglasses or even your choice of lingerie. Some mom-friendly fashion trends of 2018 include
boho-themes tote bags, embellished slip-ons, patterned espadrilles, trenches, bullet bras
cross body purses. Tote bags are high on space and thus, will be great for a day outing with your
kids and family, while cross-body purses are a really handy choice when you take your toddler
for a stroll in the park. These items, apart from being top-notch in their utility, instantly glams up
your appearance.
While these fashion trends will surely increase your fashion quotient, comfort and utility rule all
the other fashion trends. Being a caretaker of your family and a 24*7 working woman, mothers
need the most comfortable and easy going outfits so these 7 fashion trends have tried to inculcate
all your basic fashion requirements, ranging from work to vacation!

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