Simple Habits for Healthy Skin

Do you often feel like you’ve drawn the short end when it comes to the way your skin looks? Well, you might have a less than perfect skin, but that doesn’t mean you have to be content with it! Actually, these simple habits will improve your skin’s look and ensure it’s healthier than ever!

Wash your face every evening

In order to retain healthy and beautiful skin, you have to keep it clean. A few minutes before bed is all you need to cleanse your skin of all the makeup, pollution, dirt and various other irritants you’ve been exposed to during the day. For the best effect, try to use a pre-cleaner or makeup-remover before actually splashing water on your face. This will additionally clean your skin, but also ensure your skin absorbs all the nutrients from your skin care products! Your skin will be truly invigorated and supple in the morning.

Apply proper sun protection

Besides protecting your skin from nasty dirt, you also have to keep it under careful sun protection! Sure, basking in the sun is great, but if you want skin that looks young, supple and healthy, you need to apply some sunscreen. Actually, make that a lot of sunscreen, because sunlight is the main suspect for causing wrinkles, blemishing, freckles and other signs of aging! Using a good “broad-spectrum” sunscreen with SPF of at least 15 is practical for everyday use and offers good sun protection. Other accessories, like hats, clothes and sunglasses can also help keep your skin away from the sun and its damage.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

The best way to keep your skin elastic and healthy is to keep it properly hydrated. You can achieve this by drinking plenty of water and using quality products that will prevent water loss, rehydrate your skin and make it look supple. Brands like the fantastic Neostrata can help you conduct proper moisturizing and start your anti-aging process on time. They have all sorts of moisturizing lotions, creams and serums that can improve the look of your dry skin and help with those pesky wrinkles on your face and neck! However, make sure to pick the right product for the season! Winter calls for a stronger and richer formula to feed your skin during extreme colds and winds. On the other hand, in the summer when it’s humid, you can opt for a very lightweight moisturizer.

Eat good foods

Did you know that your skin is the largest (and most exposed) human organ? Well, now that you know that, it will not come as a surprise that you have to feed it right in order to retain its healthy appearance! There are great foods that can do wonders for your skin, but experts usually recommend loading up products rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, A and E. All of these nutrients will help keep your skin strong, elastic and rich with collagen! On the other hand, try to avoid sugary foods and drinks. Some research shows that foods with high-glycemic index cause sugar to bind with collagen and make it weaker!

Ditch smoking

If the thought of getting cancer, losing your teeth and having horrible breath isn’t scary enough for you, your smoking habits will also ruin your skin! Smoking will create deep lines around your mouth, give your skin a grayish undertone and stain your fingers and nails. Basically, nicotine destroys the structure of your skin and leaves it looking all saggy and wrinkly! So, ditch your ugly habit now!
Of course, these are only the most basic tips that will improve your skin care routine and help create healthy habits that will reap healthy skin. Start with these elementary steps and soon you’ll discover many more tricks that benefit your skin and make it look youthful, elastic and healthy!

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