Birthday gift ideas: the health freak edition

Treating a friend or relative on their birthday is one of the best feelings in the world. Seeing their face light up as they open the perfect gift truly underlines the fact that giving is better than receiving. But while most people are easy to buy for, fitness lovers can be notoriously difficult.
Many of the traditional ‘go to’ gifts are out, but that shouldn’t stop you getting something special. Here are five truly wonderful solutions.

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Books Or Magazine Subscriptions
Anyone that is serious about their health and fitness will tell you that mentality plays a crucial role in their journey. Books like Life Fearless by Sadie Robertson can be a great option. While they may not deal directly with the fitness process, simply learning to train your mind can make a world of difference.
Or you could opt for a magazine subscription instead. Whether it’s one related to healthy cooking, running, or another sporting activity doesn’t matter. Each issue will feel like a new present.
Exercise Accessories
If the recipient is into a particular sport, they probably have their preferences on the main attire tied down. However, you can still treat them to accessories that can enhance their experiences. Upgrading to wireless headphones can make a telling impact on their runs or gym sessions. Belts with zipped compartments can help too.
If your friend or relative suffers from injuries like shin splints, thick insoles and compression socks can enter the agenda too. Those enhancements will be appreciated greatly.
Healthy Food
The days of buying chocolates and naughty treats are probably a thing of the past, even if your friend is happy to have a little cake on the day itself. However, a happy birthday fruit basket can be equally tasty. Better still, the esthetic beauty creates an even stronger message of love and well wishes.
Alternatively, coffee machines and similar tools can serve them on a daily basis to become a part of their new rituals. If it makes their life a bit easier, it can only be a positive step.

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There’s a strong chance that your fitness-loving friend or relative loves watching their favorite sport too. Whether it’s NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLS doesn’t matter. Getting tickets to a game can be a great present as it gives them something to actively look forward too. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity for you to spend time together.
Matches aren’t the only option, though. Stadium tours can be equally thrilling as it gives you a new perspective. One way or another, following the team is always a good option.
Recovery Items
Your loved one probably spends a lot of money and effort perfecting their exercise routines. In reality, though, their recovery is just as crucial for ongoing progress. Foam rollers are great for stretching out the muscles after (and before) a workout. Meanwhile, ice packs and even supplements can be useful.

Ultimately, you could always ask the recipient what they would like. Nonetheless, the element of surprise is always a critical factor. With these five ideas, you won’t go far wrong.

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