Creating a Functional Family Kitchen

Whether you love cooking or hate it, the kitchen is where it happens and this room is often a hub for the family to gather. It does not matter if they are sitting around watching the cooking in progress or helping to get it done, for some families they spend more time together in the kitchen than any other room in the house.

It needs to be fit for the purpose it was meant for, and if it has a few seats and a table, all the better. Sometimes people opt for barstools, like the ones at http://www.sunpan.com at the side of a work surface, and that works just as well. What else is there that you can do to make your kitchen as functional as possible?

Kitchen Islands

If you have the room a kitchen island, like the one at https://www.wayfair.com/fkitchen-islands  is a brilliant way to add extra work surfaces for preparing or cooking food. The big advantage over fixed counters is that you can access them from all sides. This also means that people can be sitting one side on their bar stool, while you are working at the other. That helps to create a better atmosphere in your kitchen.

Drawers That Do Not Slam

Most of us at some point have seen a child have their fingers shut in a kitchen cupboard door or a kitchen drawer. You may even have done it yourself. If they are ones they automatically shut quickly, it can happen often and be very painful, especially for tiny hands.

You can buy slow close drawers, and it is no surprise that they have become very popular. Not only is there less likely to be an accident, they extend the life of your drawers because they do not create so much wear and tear.

Appliances In Cupboards

Having your appliances integrated into your cupboards is not only visually appealing, it can keep the dials and knobs safe from prying little fingers. Fridges, washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers can all be hidden in cupboards and not mess up the style of kitchen you are trying to create.

Keep It Simple

The simpler you keep your kitchen the easier it will be to clean and maintain. Have work surfaces that are smooth in a color that show any marks so you see them right away. Don’t have grain-finished cupboards, as stains will be much harder to remove. Smooth work surfaces and cupboards are not only easier to clean, they look good as well.

Use Your Cupboard Space Wisely

Smaller kitchen appliances just need to be moved all the time when you are cleaning, so use your cupboard space wisely and put things like food mixers, mincers and bowls away. Only bring them out when you need them, and keep your kitchen surfaces as free of clutter as you can. Of course there will always be some things that stay out like kettles and coffee machines, but they are generally used quite often and are easy to move to one side while you clean underneath them.

Gather round the table and enjoy.

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