Top Tropical Wedding Destinations

Every couple has a dream wedding, and no two weddings are the same. Some
couples want to tie the knot in an intimate environment, surrounded only by their
closest friends and family. Other couples want to throw a lavish wedding with
hundreds of guests and have their celebration be the talk of the town. And while
some choose to exchange their vows on home turf, perhaps even in their own
backyard, others want to make it an international adventure. And so the trend of
destination weddings was born. If you too want to get married in a fairy tale tropical
destination under the palm trees, here are the best locations:

Tahiti actually encompasses a group of islands that span over an area as large as
Europe. And while not all of them are the best destination for a wedding, Bora Bora
is known as the island of love. The crystal-clear waters, over-water bungalows and
just the most gorgeous sunsets will make you fall even more in love, and it is the
ideal place for a tropical wedding in one of the resorts, or out on the beach. If you do
a little bit of research, you will find a lot of native traditions tied to wedding
ceremonies, and it will be a great addition to yours as well. After all, if you’re on
such a beautiful island, why would you want to have a western wedding that you
could have had anywhere else?

The beautiful Mexican region of Cancun is a truly unique setting. The mix of
gorgeous beaches and ancient Mayan remains is something that will suit all souls.
There is a tranquility in the space, but also a vibrant atmosphere, perfect for young
couples who want a sense of relaxation paired with adventure. There are plenty of
amazing, luxurious resorts where you can have your dream wedding, and then stay
an additional few days to travel around the area and really get the full experience.

Having a beautiful wedding under the sun is not only reserved for small, exotic
islands scattered across the ocean; it can also be done in some of the world’s
capitals. One of which: Sydney. It has so much to offer, and if you want to bring a lot
of friends and family, you most certainly have plenty of options to accommodate
them. And as far as the venue itself, there are some great locations for stunning beach weddings, equipped with all the amenities and packages you need to make
your wedding wishes come true.

Puerto Rico
If you are a nature lover, or a night life lover you are going to absolutely adore Puerto Rico. Unlike many
islands that only have endless beaches, Puerto Rico offers nature beyond
photographs. Rainforests, waterfalls and even volcanoes all work together to make
the most amazing setting. As far as the culture goes, Puerto Rico is one of the
happiest countries in the world, and you will feel that vibe throughout your stay
there. It might not be the cheapest place, but it is absolutely worth the money for the
amazing experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

The Caribbean
Rum-coke in hand, dance the night away in the beautiful Caribbean. It is a place
synonymous with tropical beaches, so it’s simply impossible to make this list
without including this miraculous place. You can choose between some amazing
resorts, great landscapes and intimate private beaches for the ceremony. Just be
careful that the pearly whiteness of the sand beaches doesn’t outshine your dress!
Put a flower or two in your hair and make it an unforgettable tropical event.

If you are going through with a tropical wedding, make sure that all of your guests
are aware that it’s going to be in a tropical setting – especially if it is on the beach –
because that will require appropriate footwear and clothing. Supply everyone with
fans to cool down, and make sure you have some sort of cover, like a tent, to keep
the rays away during the ceremony and the party. Use the best that the local
ingredients have to five, and make plenty of tropical fruit drinks and salads, so
everyone has the full tropical experience. Stay in those wonderful destinations for
your honeymoon, or go to the other extreme and go, perhaps, skiing!

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