Injecting fun when your kids can't stand camping

Camping. Love it or hate it, anyone who’s traveling with kids will think it’s a good idea at some stage. After all, kids love adventures, don’t they? Think Famous Five, getting out in the wilderness and loving every second.

Of course, the reality rarely lives up to that idea. Let’s face it; modern kids often need more stimulation than a campfire and a bit of mud. Instead, your children might be more concerned about the lack of wifi, and the fact they can’t charge their phones. That’s the way of this modern world.

But, does that mean camping should be off your list? Not at all. All you need to do is think of distractions ahead of time, and take the following action to ensure no one gets bored.

Make the most of learning opportunities

When your kids are engaged in an exciting lesson, they won’t even think about their lack of phones. So, set them the task of putting up tents or starting the fire. Send them out on scavenger hunts for different types of plants or wildlife. While they may be reluctant at first, their natural curiosity will soon get the better of them. Before long, you’ll struggle even to recognise your mud-covered little explorers. And, enjoyment aside, they can take lessons like these forward with them. We would say that’s a pretty good justification for booking a camping site.

Consider your activities

Of course, if you’re camping for a few days to a week, those learning opportunities will soon dry up. And, the moment that happens, your kids could slip back into negative thinking. Remember; children have pretty short attention spans these days. Blame all that instant internet gratification. Either way, you also need to think about the more basic activities you’ll embark on during your time away. If you like, you can think of this as a vacation itinerary with a difference. Before you even head off, you should prepare for something exciting each day. Lucky for you, we have a few ideas to keep you going.
  • Get sporty. Given that camping is all about getting away from electronics and such, sports should be top of your agenda. Whether you take along some footballs from your local store, or some fishing equipment as recommended by companies like Fishing Sun, this could be the ideal way to pass those lazy camp days.
  • Story time by the fire. This may sound simple, but nothing quite beats this campsite cliche. If you’re dreading those long campsite evenings, this could be just the ticket to see you through
  • Bear hunts. You know how it goes; we’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one. Seeing as most campsites are in a woodland setting, why take the chance to host a bear hunt of your own?
  • Day trips. Don’t forget that you don’t have to stick to your campsite. If you fancy, you can spend the days exploring the surrounding areas, then return here for evening fun.

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