Catering your own wedding

If you’re looking to save on the often extortionate cost of wedding catering, and want your guests to enjoy the personal touch of home cooked food, the idea of catering your own wedding is financially attractive yet is often viewed as a logistic nightmare.  

If you’re planning to get married and happen to feel exceptionally calm and collected about things then catering your own wedding will certainly save money, that can be better invested on something like these tacori rings or a perfect honeymoon getaway - but catering your own wedding can be an uphill struggle, and given the importance of this momentous day, it’s something to worth considering fully and from all angles.

Irrespective of the challenge associated with catering your own wedding, it is a great way to save money, and in this vein here are three simple and cheap ideas you can use for your wedding:

A rustic themed wedding can open the door to a more relaxed and collaborative effort; some weddings even encourage guests to get involved with bringing a particular dish like a street party.  The great thing about offering a rustic buffet is that the food tends to be cold, meaning all you need to do is keep it chilled and then have people set it up in less than thirty minutes.  In terms of equipment, a few paper plates large serving bowls and tongues is all you’ll need.

If you’re planning a summer wedding, what better way to celebrate than with a barbecue - the smells, the tastes, the camaraderie of it all.  Gas barbecues are by far the easiest and it offers a very convenient way to cater larger weddings; all you’ll need are a few tables of interesting salads as a buffet, a variety of sauces, and a few cooler boxes packed with meat to be grilled in the afternoon.  

Okay, technically this isn’t catering your own wedding… but it’s a low-cost equivalent that will save you heaps of time and be quirky.  Now, this is your wedding day so there should be consideration for hiring a food truck specialising in and perhaps a boutique ice cream van rather than the local bog standard ice cream van that kids chase around the neighbourhood… the prevalence of gourmet food trucks that offering anything from burritos to hog roasts and specialist burgers with all sorts of weird and wonderful meats such as ostrich, buffalo and even crocodile - can be a very quirky way to feed and entertain your guests.

In summary, the key point to remember on your wedding day is that this is your wedding day; it’s a celebration of the love between you and your partner - it’s not a day to be running around after people in a kitchen apron, so if you are going to cater your own wedding do it in a way that is relaxed and pre-prepared so that you can enjoy your special day in style.

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