Organize Your Kitchen in a Blink of an Eye

Do you always spend more time searching for tools and ingredients than on actual cooking? If the answer is yes, you might want to check out these easy and clever organizing tips that will turn your messy kitchen into a tidy and clutter-free space in no time.
Create work zones
Professional cooks swear on this organization technique and use it in their kitchens all the time. The best way to organize your kitchen is to create a triangle between your fridge, your oven and your sink. This makes moving around the kitchen easy and you’ll always have everything at hand. However, not everyone’s kitchen is suitable for this design, but there are still things you can do to improve the functionality of your space. For instance, try creating work zones. Create a food storage zone, a dishware zone, a cleanup station, a food prep zone and a cooking zone. If you love to have family cooking events, you can add an extra prep station for your kitchen partner. Store items connected to a certain activity close to its designated zone, and say goodbye to clutter.

Organize your junk drawer
We all know (and fear) the junk drawer. However, you can simply get a few plastic containers and quickly organize your scattered rubber bands, clothes pins, cutlery and other various things. Get containers with see-through lids for easier identification.

Stack your cutting boards and pot lids
Yes, you can get cutting board and lid racks at the store, but instead of spending $50 on them, simply get a cheap magazine rack, and voila! Attach it to the inside of your cabinets with hooks and you’ll end up with a handy rack that will keep all your boards, lids and long cooking utensils close but out of sight.
Employ adhesive hooks
If you always find yourself lacking storage space in your cabinets and on your shelves, why not use up your wall space? Adhesive, removable hooks can be attached to almost any surface and can handle some serious weight. Use them to hang your measuring tools, sifters, oven mittens, aprons and other kitchen necessities.

Have your shopping list at hand
If you always forget what you need to get when shopping for groceries, then you need a whiteboard in your kitchen. Magnetic whiteboards can be attached to your fridge, and can be used for writing shopping lists or describing the contents of your freezer. Every time you add something to the freezer, add it to the list and vice versa. This way, you’ll always know just what to buy and what you have available for cooking.
Organize your fridge and freezer
Did you know that there is a best place inside of the fridge for keeping dairy? How about meat? If you didn’t know about these fridge organization tips, then you’ll love this part. Dairy is best kept on the middle shelves with constant temperature, and meat is best stored near the bottom to prevent dripping from contaminating other items. Drinks can be kept in the doors since they don’t need very low temperatures.

When storing food in your freezer, try not to put hot food inside and always make sure to pack it tightly. If you’re looking to get a new freezer, make sure to choose a model that is frost-free, like the upright freezer from Maytag. This particular model prevents icy build-up on freezer walls and makes storing food and cleaning the unit much easier.
Lazy Susan for the win
Lazy Susans can be used practically anywhere, from your counter to your fridge. Put an attractive model on your countertop and use it for storing kitchen utensils, or put one in your kitchen cabinet and use it for your spices. It’s also a great storage solution for your fridge, especially for storing sodas and condiments.

With these smart organizing tips and tricks, your kitchen will always be functional, clean, tidy and ready for your cooking experiments.

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