How to Incorporate Polka Dot Style into Your Wardrobe

It seems that the polka dot style never left the fashion world. Sometimes it’s just toned down and shows in small details. And there are times when it’s one of the main features of fashion combinations. Although many call it retro, the truth is, it’s always IN. What puzzles people is how to incorporate it into the wardrobe without crossing the line into tackiness. So here are some fashion tips for how to be trendy with the polka dot style.

1.   The famous polka dot dress

Polka dots usually remind people of Minnie Mouse, but actually it’s the pin-up girls that do it justice the most. The famous polka dot dress has gone through several remodels and slight changes, but it always stayed stylish and feminine. Although it’s usually the combination of black and white, modern polka dot dresses are a little bit daring with colors and there’s a wider choice today.
All the variants of this popular dress recall the 50s fashion with the signature flattering shape. However, this pattern is applied to dress shapes in all decades, so you can choose the one you like the most. No matter the event, the polka dot dress will always add style and timeless complimenting of the female figure.

2.   It’s always fashionable

There are a few things in fashion which will never disappear. For example, the little black dress. Something any girl and woman should have, no matter their shape, size or style. Among those fashion royalties is also the polka dot style. The dots may vary in size, but they can be arranged to serve any occasion.
A white shirt with small polka dots and a bow tied at the neck will go great with a black suit and some sensible shoes. To break up this classic appeal, add a bag in some flamboyant color like purple or turquoise. This will add some liveliness to the monochrome attire and freshen up your look.

3.   Don’t be afraid to accessorize

Just like with the clothes, accessories have their polka dot version. A stylish silk scarf during spring will announce the coming of finer weather, while polka dot earrings will save you from using too much make up in the summer. Every accessory can be an interesting polka dot addition to your existing style. Stockings will make you look youthful, while belts will show how classy you are.
For example, you can accentuate your facial features twisting your hair in a ponytail and tying a polka dot headwrap around it. Add red lipstick and thin eyeliner to the mix and you will appear fresh and ready for a night out.

4.    Trousers for extra class

Polka dot trousers are a specific kind of style. They can be slim or wide leg, but they will always make you appear as though you’re going for a walk in Venice or belong in one of the French art museums. They are elegant, chic and refined piece of garment which will make you feel sophisticated. Pair them up with some handmade Avarca sandals and a big Dior hat and you will resemble a classic Hollywood movie star.

5.   Polka dot purses and bags

Purses and bags have a mind of their own. Sometimes they can be easily paired with the outfit, but they can also be the downside of your fashion combos. Although it may feel as though polka dots on the bag can be too many details, consider how great it will look on a one-color ensemble. Pink with white dots or white with blue dots are only some of the combinations you can get.
They come in all sizes, shapes and styles. Sometimes they have flowery or bow decorations, but mostly they are elegant in their simplicity. For an added fashion statement, pair them up with matching gloves and a stylized twisted bun.

In the end

Fashion trends change, but some never go away like the polka dot pattern. This style tells the story of a confident and modern woman with a classic fashion sense and refined taste. 

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