Make your bedroom the most important part of the house

The bedroom is often put last in the pecking order or making things nice and new. Afterall, it is only really you and your partner that will see the room, so the rest of the house has to take priority. But the bedroom is your one place in the house that’s a bit more personal to you. It is the room you can escape to for some privacy, especially if you have a family. It is the room you’re going to feel more comfortable in, and the room you find hardest to say goodbye to when you’ve had to drag yourself out of bed in the morning. So we’ve put together a few ways in which you can make your bedroom the most important room of the house again with a little bit of TLC.

Focus On Your Sleep

Sleep is the most important part of the day for a lot of people. But getting a good amount of sleep doesn’t always happen for one reason or another. The mattress is the first thing you need to focus on. Going to companies such as sterlingsleep.com is going to mean the difference between a good night's sleep and a bad one for a lot of people. Some people prefer memory foam, some people prefer springs. The best thing you can do beforehand is go to your local store to try different levels of firmness out. Then you want to focus on the bedding you’re putting on it. You don’t want to have something too thick that you’re too hot in the night, this is only going to disturb your sleep. Yet you don’t want something that’s thin and cheap, you’re only going to wake up freezing! But you do want to make sure it is soft and comfortable to give you the perfect amount of sleep.


Creating a room that is zen and peaceful to you isn’t that hard, all you need to do is make it as relaxing as possible. The first step is definitely blackout blinds. The light coming in at night really can disturb your sleep. The to add the effect or relaxation, the lamps with adjustable levels of light are going to be perfect for winding down at the end of a night. Couple those with some nice scented candles and it really will be a relaxing room to come into. Some rooms are too bright and open which just doesn’t promote sleep.


There’s so many different things that you can put into your room to make it amazing. Small things such as a pretty bowl of potpourri will look really cute in your room. The bowel will add a little bit of character as well. A rug is always something good to have in the room. A nice fluffy one will feel so good under your feet, and help to fill some empty floor space a little. To finish it off, furnish your bed with a mixture of normal and fluffy pillows for you to dive into at the end of the day.

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