Popular Interior Colours and How They Affect Your Mood

When making a choice on how to paint their walls, people tend to either follow trends, use colors they generally like or avoid any risk by opting for light neutral shades. It can happen, though, that after a while certain rooms make them feel uncomfortable and uninviting so they make a plan to change the colors the next time they paint the house. No matter how much you like a certain shade, it does not have to be the perfect one to set the mood.

The intensity
Take any color of your choosing and intensify it. You will get a shade which is more energizing than the basic one. On the other hand, if you do the opposite and make the shade pale, you will also tone down its effect. You can make pretty much any color look cool or warm or at least get hues which are cooler rather than warmer. Again, the warm hues are by definition, more stimulating. Light colours create a sense of open space whereas dark seem to limit it. This is why people use combinations of the two to manipulate the sense of space the way they see fit best. For example, they use it to make a room longer or taller.

The Neutrals
Neutral colours usually have neutral effects. The problem with them is that they can make your home seem melancholic or even gloomy depending on the colour you choice. Neutrals are meant to be white, grey, and black. However, they often include brown and beige.  Neutral colours should always be combined with some type of accent for the above-mentioned reasons. You do not necessarily have to accentuate with paint, but rather with furniture, curtains, carpets and other accessories. Creating texture and patterns on, either walls themselves, or the furniture will make a room more exciting. You can combine warm and cooler hues of the same colour to achieve this. You can even create a sense of layers by using light colours and slowly moving towards dark shades to create depth. The current trends dictate earthly hues which are usually rich and exciting on their own. A room painted with accentuated neutral colours will be calming rather than melancholic.

Blue and Purple
Blue is one of the favorite interior colors. It is particularly popular and suited for bedrooms and bathrooms. It is said to have a calming effect, slow down heart rate, and breathing. If you have health issues such as high blood pressure, you can benefit from blue walls. Having said that, I need to remind you that shades and combinations of colors can vary the effect. Cool and light shades of blue can seem very uninviting unless they are combined with warm colors or exposed to a lot of sunlight. Generally, you are better off using warmer hues, particularly for a sitting area. If you are a fan of dark blue, use it only to accentuate. That way it can appear sophisticated especially if you combine it with metal. While dark purple has the same effect as blue and is a perfect luxurious accent, light hues such as lavender are safer to use than blue as they can never appear as cool due to the warmth of red in it.

Red, Orange, and Yellow
These are colors of high energy charge. Red is the most energetic one. It has a physical effect opposite to the one of the color blue. It increases adrenaline levels and stimulates conversation. This is why it is a perfect accent color for sitting areas. Orange brings excitement and is best suited for little accents and gyms. Yellow is a happy color which brings sunshine to any room. However, it is said that all-yellow rooms provoke aggression. Colour Life Painting explains that neither one of these colors is suitable as the main color of a room as they can make people feel irritable. When it comes to nurseries and children’s rooms, these colors, alongside vibrant hues of other colors, are a perfect choice for a playroom. That is the place where you need your children to be positive and energized. However, looking at the areas strictly used for sleeping, you need lighter and more peaceful colors. These three should only be used for small details.

Our reaction to colour green is a proof that we are a part of nature. It is very relaxing and peaceful. Unlike the above mentioned, its lighter hues are a very good choice for a nursery or a bedroom. Apart from the sleeping areas, you can pretty much use it anywhere. It poses the calming effects of blue and the kind warmth of yellow.
Different moods colours create combine into an overall feeling we have about our home. Make sure you use colour schemes the right way in order to keep yourself comfortable in it.

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