Keep your style in check while travelling

When travelling it can be really difficult to keep looking good on the road.  The limited space in your luggage means there’s a natural limit to how many potions and accessories you can take with you, in order to keep your normal style up to scratch whilst travelling.  Here are five suggestions that will help you remain stylish without feeling the need to take your whole wardrobe with you on your next trip.

The first thing you need before packing for your stylish trip is something to put your items in. Choose a hard case which is easy to spot on the airport conveyor belt. If you can get away with not having to check in your luggage then make sure it fits to the airlines regulations. Make sure it has a good handle and wheels that can cope with different types of surfaces. No-one likes to be dragging a case who’s wheels do not want to turn.

A capsule wardrobe is ideally a small number of items of clothing which are easy to wash, quick to dry and easily mix and match with each other.  This would mean that by using a layering technique and rotating tops with bottoms, six items of clothings could provide you more than nine outfits, which is more than enough for a week long break.

As for your shoes, make sure you take a couple of comfortable pairs as when travelling, even in the most luxurious city setting, you’ll often crave comfort after a day spend on your feet; as heels are no good when you are spending the day sightseeing. Try and choose outfits that look good with flat shoes.  But depending what the reason for your trip is, perhap just one pair of heels which can match all sorts of outfits from you capsule wardrobe can fit in your bag.

It’s often not practical to take lots of different necklaces, earrings and bracelets with you on the road; particularly not expensive items.  This is where pieces of custom made jewellery are great, as you can have one piece that looks the part and is very ‘you’ but is designed to go with many outfits. Take for example a monogram necklace, where you can use your initials, making it a very personal piece of jewellery that has an ageless value to it.

You are in luck as neutral nails are in this season.  This is great as these neutral colours will go well with nearly all of your outfits from your capsule wardrobe.  This vastly reduces your weight as you don’t need to take multiple bottles of nail varnish and that pesky remover.

Even if you have luggage you can check in, you are not going to want to travel with full bottles of all your beauty products. However some beauty products are not available in travel size containers, but don’t despair.  Purchase some mini tubs and bottles for these purposes and careful decanter the products you like to use daily into them. Carefully mark each container so you know what they are and if you are travelling hand luggage only make sure it meets the airport security rules in size and volume.

Hopefully these tips will set you in good stead for keeping your style in check whilst on the road.

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