5 Ways to Bring Moroccan Flavour into Your Home

Highly exotic and intriguingly intricate, Moroccan-inspired design will fill your home with visual interest and a touch of mystique. By introducing Moroccan style to your home, you’ll create an authentic look with an oriental flair. It will bring a sense of cultural diversity to your space and set the tone of rich elegance and traditional luxury. This exquisite style focuses on bright, conspicuous hues, intricate patterns and lush materials that can truly capture the essence of the Moroccan design. Thus, if you’re an
aficionado of all things oriental, you should give your home a bit of Moroccan flavor.

Use rugs everywhere

Rugs deserve special attention when it comes to Moroccan style. Not only will they help you capture the spirit of Moroccan design, but they will also embellish your home in so many exciting ways. Beautifully woven Moroccan area rugs can be used both on your floors and walls, creating an artisanal look.
Luxurious rugs bring texture, warmth, comfort and style to a space, so you should definitely let them inside your Moroccan home. Vintage, faded rugs have a special appeal, filling your space with a unique sense of antique beauty.

Embrace lush textures

Opulent fabrics give a Moroccan-inspired space a rich, layered look, even more so when used in bold colors and playful patterns. Textiles accentuate both texture and design, contributing to the visual appeal of a space. Throw pillows are an integral part of this oriental style, creating a cosy and enchanting look. For instance, lush Karavan cushions can fill your space with a touch of gold and a
meandering pattern. You can also introduce floor cushions that will add another layer of coziness and texture to your space. Luxurious drapes, soft throws and opulent covers are all exotic additions that you can bring to your Moroccan-inspired home.

Go with intricate furniture

Moroccan furniture is truly authentic, bringing mesmerizing designs to a space. You should introduce furniture with carved details and embellishments to your home. Carved wood is an essential element of
Moroccan style and it’s used for lovely seats and chairs, chests and dressers and exotic room dividers.
Featuring clean, simple lines, such pieces allow their delicate carving to take the central stage. Furniture is typically low to the ground, which creates an inviting, warm atmosphere. Room dividers, in particular, are a must in a Moroccan-inspired home. Not only are they themselves enticing details, but they also create intricate shadows as a result of their beautiful patterns.

Diversity of colours and patterns

A stunning palette of bold colors is what gives such a powerful vibe to a Moroccan space. Although there are several dominant hues, such as blue, green, orange and brown, this style calls for diversity, providing you with an opportunity to mix and match different shades. Since Moroccan-inspired design features an upbeat vibe, it will bring a sense of playfulness to a space. It draws inspiration from the surrounding landscapes – ocean blues, greens and turquoises, desert oranges and beige's and rich purples are set against a subtle neutral backdrop, creating a perfect balance. Diversity is an important aspect of Moroccan patterns, as well. From abstract to geometric, patterns are mixed and matched into
intricate designs in combination with equally stunning hues.
Install Moroccan-inspired lighting Lighting is yet another important element of Moroccan style and it will help you both elevate your decor and create an exotic, intimate ambiance. Dimmed lighting is preferred in Moroccan homes and it’s typically introduced through colorful glass pendants and lamps. Fixtures made of carved wood are also used as a way to give a mystic vibe to a Moroccan space. In particular, enticing lanterns are used to bathe a space in mesmerizing shadows. Vintage fixtures are also popular as a bedside solution, while lights with mosaic patterns can truly create an exotic look.
Moroccan style will bring a diversity of patterns, colors and shapes to your home. It will fill it with a rich oriental vibe where every piece has a uniquely exotic charm.

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