Beautiful and Fun Wedding Trends for 2018

For those of you who are having their wedding in 2018, we only have two words: Lucky you! This year has so many new wedding trends that are beautiful and super fun both for the happy couple and their guests. Here’s what’s new in the wedding department.

Plenty of greenery

With more and more people opting for eco-friendly, sustainable and organic lifestyles, it’s not a surprise that weddings are getting a green makeover. Living walls and bars are an especially popular addition to the venue since they provide a beautiful and practical backdrop for the reception. You can also introduce plants to your ceremony and transform the aisle into a magical fairytale garden with plenty of flowers and lush greenery.


If you want your wedding to have a fun, festive and party vibe, a great alternative to flowers are balloons. Decorate your space with colorful latex balloons in different sizes and shapes and you’ll really wow your guests. They can hang from the ceiling, be strung on the walls, connected into a mural or shaped to spell a few happy words for the bride and groom. Balloons can also be used to revamp the archway at the altar, for a more casual take on the classic wedding feature.

Beautiful textures

Interesting textures will be all the rage in 2018, both in the form of dresses, suits and table decoration. However, one amazing trend that we haven’t seen before is beautifully textured marble dance floors! Aerial photos and videos will reveal amazing scenes of you and your guests swirling on elegant marble!

New take on photography

Many couples want to relax on their wedding day and enjoy the ceremony, so they often opt for a pre-wedding photo shoot. This trend started in Asia, but it’s slowly taking over the rest of the world as well, especially Australia and SydneyOthers may want some candid shots, so it's worth considering unscripted wedding photography if you're looking for some extra special memories that you can cherish forever.

Fun entertainment

Since wedding favors and takeaways are becoming a thing of the past, newlyweds are trying to come up with new ways to make their wedding a truly memorable event. So, instead of only one traditional band or DJ, in 2018, you can expect to see a variety of different entertainment surprises throughout the evening. Sketch artists, fortune tellers, magicians, circus performers and comedians will be creating a magical atmosphere or have guests in stitches from laughter!

New look for bridesmaids

Good news for all bridesmaids who are not the biggest dress fans: Pants are in! Be in the form of pantsuits or jumpsuits, pants will be a super trendy choice for bridesmaids this year, especially for more casual ceremonies.

Signature food and drinks

Personalization and uniqueness have become very important in the last few years, so brides and grooms all over the world decided to put their own spin on wedding catering. “His and hers” wedding menu options with the groom’s and bride’s favorite foods will be very sought after. The same goes for drinks—personalized cocktails made according to a custom-tailored recipe created especially for the occasion will refresh wedding guests all over the world this year.

Unconventional venues

A modern and unique wedding needs a modern and unique venue, so more and more couples are deciding to ditch the traditional wedding spaces for something more unconventional. Barns, libraries, museums, botanical gardens, historical houses, industrial hangars and even sports stadiums will be viable wedding venues in 2018. You can even take your ceremony and reception to the great outdoors and host an unforgettable event under the stars!

These bold trends will turn your wedding from a classic event into the event of the year with plenty of fun, romance and excitement!



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