Keeping your hair on.. 7 ways to protect your hair

Years of mistreating your hair can cause permanent damage and even hair loss later on in life. By taking steps to protect your hair now you can continue to have a healthy head of hair long into old age. Here are just 7 ways that you can protect your hair from damage.

Don’t wash your hair every day

If you take a daily shower or bath, be careful of washing your hair every day with shampoo. When we wash our hair, we take out not just the dirt but some of our hair’s essential oils too. This can cause hair to become dull and weak over time. You’re better off leaving at least a day between each wash. The only exception may be if you have very oily hair in which case washing every day may not be as damaging.

Use the right shampoo and conditioner

Using shampoos and conditioners suited to your hair type can help to provide the right amount of volume and sheen to your hair. If you’ve got dry and frizzy hair, you may benefit from using more conditioner and less shampoo (there are specialist shampoos out there for curly hair that could also protect your hair more). Meanwhile if you have straight and oily hair, you may benefit from using less conditioner and more shampoo.

Comb wet, brush dry

It’s best to comb your hair when it’s wet. This can make it easier to get rid of knots and tangles. Most people comb from the root to the tip, but it can actually be more beneficial to comb the other way as it minimises tugging and therefore doesn’t damage your roots. As for brushing your hair, this is best done when it is dry. Straight and wavy hair can benefit more from brushing, whilst brushing curly hair can sometimes cause more damage than good.

Clean your brush

Hairbrushes are breeding grounds for bacteria. Every time we brush, hair and dead skin is collected on the bristles. If you never clean your hairbrush, you’re leaving all this hair and dead skin to rot. Unclean hairbrushes have been known to lead to scalp conditions such as dermatitis. Try and clean your brush regularly under a tap or shower so that you’re not putting this bacteria on your head each time you use your brush.

Use a hairdryer with a cool setting

Heat is also bad for our hair and constant exposure can cause it to become dry and brittle. When using a hairdryer, you should always use one with a cool setting and you should hold it a fair distance from your head. Drip-drying is by far the healthiest way of drying your hair, although few of us have the time to do this. Washing your hair before you go to bed could allow it time to dry naturally overnight rather than washing it in the morning.

Avoid straightening your hair too often

Straighteners apply intense heat straight to your hair, which can cause it to become very brittle when done regularly. Try to reduce the amount of times you use a straightener. It could be possible to straighten your hair using only a comb and a hairdryer after you’ve washed it. Alternatively, you could learn to live with your curls. There are lots of cool and creative ways to style curly hair such as these natural hairstyles for medium length hair. Such hairstyles can sometimes requires more maintenance, but they’re likely to be much healthier for your hair by not requiring any heat.

Wear a cap when swimming

If you regularly go swimming in a pool, it could be worth also buying yourself a swimming cap. This is due to chlorine in the water, which can be very harmful to your hair, stripping it of its natural oils and making it fragile. There are lots of other advantages to wearing a swimming cap – it can keep the hair out of your face when swimming, keep your head warm when swimming outdoors and even improve aerodynamics (if you’re interested in swimming fast). They may not be the coolest item of swimming gear, but the benefits are worth it.  

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