Life Lately

It has been forever since I hammered out a life lately post.

Life has been so busy.  I recently had to cut some things out of my life as I had no time to do anything that needed to be done. I feel good about the things I have cut out of my life though and my blog has been neglected.

I did do some travel for work last month, a little nervous but I did great. I will be learning a new action plan and hopefully help my work become even more successful.
We celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary, I love being married to this man 💘

We have been staying close to home since January as we are saving for a trip to Colorado to see my sister and babies.

Brooke has been keeping busy with grade 9 almost over.  She is also in the glee choir, orchestra, and piano lessons, she is a busy girl.

Hubby just finished a major project with government and he has started a new one that is crazy busy. He is enjoying it though.

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