Celeb Secrets: How to Get a Hollywood Smile

Even though it is not a good idea to compare yourself to a celebrity, sometimes you just can’t help it. After all, these people are PAID to look perfect. Whether it is their hair, their skin or their teeth, everything is just stunning. However, bear in mind that
most of them aren’t just born with it. You actually can look as a movie star if you “do some work”. This time, we will focus entirely on the smile. Without further ado, here is how to “be one of them”.

Brush more often

The general recommendation is to brush your teeth before bed and in the morning.
And you wouldn’t believe how many people tend to neglect the importance of brushing their teeth before going to bed and simply don’t do it. Let me just say that this is a hundred times worse than skipping a morning brushing. Why? When we are asleep, our mouth produces almost no saliva, which makes it easier for all the
bacteria to inhabit our mouth. Furthermore, all the bacteria that got inside your mouth during the day will spend the night in there.
Also, lower the risk of bad breath and tooth decay by brushing your tongue as well.

Use fluoride toothpaste because this chemical is the best defense against tooth decay, since it kills all the germs and covers your teeth with a special protective barrier.

You are what you eat

Three words: ditch acidic foods. Acidity breaks down your tooth enamel and exposes dentin, so all the germs and bacteria can easily penetrate into the tooth.
This results in tooth decay. And just to make things completely clear: as soon as sugar gets in contact with saliva, it turns into acid. This, of course, doesn’t mean you have to forget about sweets altogether, but control your portions.
While on the topic of nutrition, consider switching to xylitol gum, since xylitol will trick the bacteria into thinking they can consume it, while in reality, they won’t be able to digest it. And since that will be the only sugary substance in their surroundings, the bacteria will starve to death.

Change your habits

It probably is quite relaxing to have a glass of red wine when you get home from work, but remember that whatever can stain your white teeth can also stain your teeth. Again, this doesn’t mean you should never drink a colored beverage, but brush your teeth after or have a glass of water with it.
Oh, and don’t even get me started on smoking cigarettes.
Have a talk with your dentist
That perfect Hollywood smile is not just about whiteness. It is about the health and shape of your teeth as well. And let’s be real here, most of us simply aren’t blessed with 32 perfect pearls in our mouth. This is why you should do your dental checkups regularly, and do everything you can to make your teeth as perfect as they
can be, whether it is with the help of braces or maybe even some implants – don’t be afraid to splurge. If you are an Aussie, you must have heard of all on 4 dental implants in Sydney that everyone is doing right now. And if you aren’t satisfied with
the shape of your teeth, book your appointment right now.


If the color of your teeth is your insecurity, whitening is always an option. You can either do it by yourself with the help of whitening strips, or have it done professionally. Note that the first option is more budget-friendly and easier, and the
second one gives long-lasting results, BUT has some risks worth having in mind.

Makeup can help

If you wear makeup, check this smart solution out – you can make your teeth look whiter if you wear blue-based lipsticks. Sounds crazy, right? However, it is all connected to the color wheel – blue hues cancel out yellow tones when they are one beside another.


Not even the tiniest toothpick can sometimes pull out those tiny specks. Flossing is something you simply MUST do, if you want your teeth to remain healthy. Don’t be lazy about it, since it takes around minute and a half of your time.
And that would be it. As you can see, you too can rock that Hollywood smile, with just a little bit of effort.

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