Home Decor: Less Is More

In many ways, interior designers have shown us how to create an exciting and vibrant decor that can mix styles 
and cultures. You can create a delightful indoor Japanese garden in your living room and bring the sunny colors of the
 Mediterranean countries in your kitchen. With the hyper-availability of objects – more often than not, you can buy 
international styles with no more than one click on Amazon – it seems easy to create a rich and crowded interior that 
reflects the diversity of the planet. However, when it comes to creating a home decor that is both comfortable and 
appealing, less is often more.

Your appliances are part of the decor
You can greatly simplify your interior style by making your appliances an integral part of your decor. Choosing beautiful
 items, such as the bathtubs here https://www.kardiel.com/Modern-tubs/modern-freestanding-bathtubs, can create the
 main focal point in the decor. In all rooms, purposeful appliances and items of furniture don’t just have to fulfil their
 functions. They also need to be appealing to the eye. Beautiful sofa, inviting bed, stylish coffee fridge, the list is long! 
Homeowners can build a simple decor by ensuring that the aesthetic aspect is supported by their choices of furniture.

Multi-functional gadgets save space
Homes are getting smaller and smaller, especially if you happen to live in an urban area. As a result, it’s fair to say that 
people need to look for smart items that can combine multiple functions, such as bringing a boiling tap into the kitchen
With it, you can not only prepare most warm and instant drinks and recipes – which replaces a kettle to boil the water –
 but it also fulfils the expected function of a traditional water tap. This two-in-one approach enables homeowners to save 

Simple patterns and colors
Surprisingly, more and more home designers are looking to create neutral color patterns, such as the ones
 here http://www.interiorcravings.com/minimalist-home. The reason for this color trend is that vibrant colors, 
which can be used as accents within the decor, can create a crowded and overwhelming interior. It’s fair to say that
 the eye finds a room painted in neutral hues more relaxing than bright yellows, reds, oranges, and greens.
 In the Feng Shui philosophy, neutral and earth-inspired colors are designed to re-energize the body. And it’s true that 
you feel better surrounded by simple patterns and colors.

Space is luxury
Last, but not least, as rooms are getting smaller, it’s is essential to emphasize the space.
 Space is a luxury in modern homes, and that’s precisely why functionality and pragmatism are key rules in interior decor.
 In the attempt to value space, it is crucial for modern families to learn to declutter, aka getting rid of unwanted and unused
 items. Similarly, there is no need to fill the room with decorative objects to create your interior style. Let the air roam 
circulate and the light shine through a functional and minimalist environment for a simple and modern style.

Ultimately, style is not in the excess. It is in the simplicity and the practicality. Style at home is made for people who 
want to enjoy life without pretensions.

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