Wednesdays for Women~ Depression

This is a topic that affects a lot of women so today I am being real and true with you and my struggle with it.

When people say..
What do you have to be depressed about..
Why are you sad
Your life is going great
You have a husband who adores you, you have a beautiful daughter


If you could see inside my heart, inside my mind, things that run thru my mind, how I crave for the attention of someone who cares, right now I’m feeling alone, like I have no one who will understand how it feels to be so alone.I feel like no one gets how I feel… I cannot talk to my mother, she doesn’t understand even though she goes thru the exact same thing… I feel like there is something missing in my life, in my marriage and in my spiritual life, I have no idea what this is that is missing… I cannot point my finger to any one thing and say oh yeah that’s it, because I have no idea.

When my grandpa died 2 months ago, a part of me died as well, it was so hard to loose him, he was all I had left, i could talk to him about anything and I really really  miss him.
I am not sure I want to go back to the dr and get on medication for this, but I may have to, I want to be able to control my fears, worries and anxiety without pharmaseuticals.

I need a friend, I need that person who is strong


  1. Depression isn't just for women. Many men suffer from bouts of depression but society doesn't allow men to acknowledge the problem because the men are then considered week. Men are suppose to throw dirt on it, dust themselves off and go be the hard chargers.

  2. Depression is such a tricky and horrible disease. I've been managing it for over 10 years, on and off medication - mostly on. It's OK to ask others for help. There are so many people that understand that 'dark hole' feeling. Meds alone do not fix the issue. Meds in addition to talk therapy helps so much, when you are trying to manage a rough patch with depression. Much love to you and you will get through this!!

  3. Depression seems to be so hard to understand for people on the outside looking in. Grief is another thing our society doesn't handle well. In general, it takes a year or more to recover from a loss like the loss of your grandfather. And yet, we seem to expect people to be done with grief after the funeral. Well, you just take your time! <3

  4. You guys are so so right! Men do suffer from depression but it is kept very quiet and I think it is equally important to get it out there and to let other men know they are not alone.

  5. Depression can really only be cured by the Word of God. He is our joy. When we spend time with Him, it's like everything else grows dim.

  6. Life is rarely a cake walk for people. So many of us put on a show that everything's okay, but underneath the smiling surface there is almost always going on. I hope that you're able to find support and compassion from a family member or friend. :)

    Jenn, x@jenn.nu


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