Confessional Friday

How can another week be over already... Linking up with Leslie 

Alright, let's confess 

1) We have a weekend with no plans at all! it is beautiful 

2) I had the best coconut cream pie last night- it is my favourite and it hasn't been easy to find a good one but went for coffee with a friend and found this spot.

3. Last weekend with a 10 year old- our baby is all grown up 

4. I really have no will power to pack up our house, any volunteers?


  1. I have no plans this weekend either and I am loving it.

    Brooke is adorable. :)

  2. 10 years old is all grown up. Good luck w/your packing (and hurrah for good coconut cream pie). :)

  3. I absolutely love weekends with no plans!


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