Aftermath of Arthur

As I sit here and type this out by candle light, no other sounds in the house except my typing, I am beyond thankful for surviving Hurricane Arthur that just came thru our town, we had very minimal damage while some others had some major damage. 

as of right now there were no lives lost, but buildings, trees, vehicles were destroyed. 
A lot of us, ( me include) did not think it was going to be so severe as it was, we are still without power, water, heat, phone service etc… I kept telling Andrew how they are just trying to scare everyone and it won’t be that bad, boy oh boy was i ever wrong.

Arthur came in with a vengeance, it left 33,000 people in our province without power,  we got a lot of rain, this is our church under water:
there were a ton of broken trees, lying across houses and across vehicles, a lot of people had garage’s collapse, our trampoline didn't make it, it got caught up in a pole and we are not sure if we can ever get it back together, as of 9 am this morning, our fire dept got 300 calls for help… 


We went to walmart to buy water, they had none, it was hard to find any food, gas or propane, a lot of things were closed because they were trying to clean up the mess. 

My question is… why do we have to deal with such storms, this is the second major hurricane I was in, its hard to go for a drive and see all the problems it caused and it makes us wonder why God, but he never gives us more then we can handle…
a guy just up the street, had a really big tree fall across his 2 vehicles, that looked really new, i cannot imagine how he is feeling, another family had a lot of big trees in the yard and they lost every one, there are still a lot of roads closed, while they are cleaning up and assessing the damage to properties and hoping to have electricity back very soon. 

Do we thank our service people enough? Our Police officers, our fire men, our electricity workers, our doctors, nurses etc, we need to thank them every time we see them, they have a hard job to do and they do it so well, these electrical guys have been working non stop since the storm stopped late last night and they still have a long ways to go to have everyone restored. The fire station had a charging station set up as they had power there, the community centre also had the same and they were offering water to anyone as long as they brought their own containers.
It’s times like this that we as a community all work together and we clean up each others yards, we help the neighbour chop the trees of his yard, we help him clean the mess of leaves, etc, we all come together as a team and we move forward, {the next time they announce a hurricane, this girl will be ready to deal with it. }

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  1. Oh wow Terri - this is terrifying. Thank goodness that you are all OK and thinking of your community as it recovers. xxx

  2. I'm so glad you weren't hurt! So scary!!

  3. Oh my goodness. I was all too familiar with hurricanes when I was younger, but I think I have forgotten just how dangerous they can be. I'm glad to hear your family is OK and no one has been hurt.

  4. Wow, this is so scary. What a relief that no one was hurt!

  5. I am so glad you and your family are OK, and that no lives have been lost. I can't even imagine no water at Wal-Mart, or seeing a tree uprooted in a neighbourhood like the first photo - this weather pattern is alarming and so scary. Thank you for keeping it real!

  6. That's terrible! It must be so scary to be stuck in the middle of something like that! Did that happen this past weekend? We were supposed to fly out of Detroit to Newark on Thursday and all planes ended up being grounded due to an oncoming "storm!!"

  7. Thanks for sharing this first-hand view Terri. It's hard to imagine when you've never experienced it. So glad you are safe...stay that way!


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