Confessional friday


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Another friday is upon us, where does time go.
Winter's seem to drag on and Summer's fly by.

Let's confess:

1) I cannot believe Brooke will be 11 in 2 weeks, wasn't she just an infant baby that I was sturggling with her to sleep at night, to give her a schedule, wasn't she just learning to walk, climb on things and still liked to sleep in our bed, we co slept for 18 months and loved it

2) I have mixed emotions about having to move, I love my house where I am now, but change is usually good, we have a lot of things to buy though to prepare for the move, we need to buy all new furniture as this house has none.

3) Tonight I have a girls swimming party, some great ladies are coming over to swim, eat yummy food and hang out and have a good time. I hope the weather cooperates for us.

4) I am ready for another vacation, I am excited for october to get here and go visit  my sister, I am going alone and I have never travelled along but im sure I will be ok, I am worried about a couple of airports but I will be ok.

5) I have an assitant at work who is deaf and yesterday i did something so stupid- I asked her if she would mind if I put  music on. #dumbmove . I felt so bad, I could have cried, she laughed it off but not me, next time I will be more careful


  1. I have never traveled alone, either, but it will be worth it, right? Yay for vacations.

  2. Kids grow up so fast. Believe me, I know!! My Daughter will be turning 42 in August.

  3. In the far distant past I have gone alone on vacation-with my dog-the perfect travel companion! Okay so she decided the minute we settled into the cabin that it was time to go home--ok so she almost caught the owners pet rabbit that escaped its cage--but that walk 3 times a day just down the road a piece to a local food stand (where they always gave her a little something special) was great--So was rowing out to the middle of the lake (no she did not come with me-she stayed in the room) and reading. I LOVED that trip.

  4. A swimming party sounds like a lot of fun! And I can't beleieve how fast kids grow. I feel like yesterday my daughter was a baby and soon she'll be 6.

  5. I love posts like this - we get to know YOU even better! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hope you have a fun swim party! I know exactly what you mean about your little one growing up seemingly all of a sudden. I feel exactly the same way about my 13-year-old who I can no longer pick up and hold, who no longer tucks his head against my neck and who no longer runs to greet me or acknowledges my return with great excitement. Sigh.

  7. I can't believe my own little one will be turning 3 soon. Seems like just yesterday we had them. I'm sure your assistant at work probably thought you were funny. :)

  8. That pic of Brooke is too adorable. :) 11 years old...time flies so enjoy every minute of it.

    I have traveled by myself on many occasions. It isn't too bad at all. You'll be fine. :)

  9. I am having a hard time thinking that my baby will be starting kindergarten! Hang on- it will fly right by!

  10. Ooh...I LOVE this idea for a post!! I could write a HUGE list of confessions to make! ;-)

  11. hey did you get a new blog design? I feel bad for not noticing it before..

  12. yeah i did about 6-8 months now I think :)


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