Weekend Recap


Left work at 3:45, it has been a crazy crazy week:
 and stopped at walmart to get some snack food, then Brooke had a concert, she has been at Band Camp all week 

she had such a great time at camp this week. 
Came home and I took a nap, I felt so exhausted after such a busy week, also went birthday shopping for Brooke on lunch break{ sorry baby girl, I know your reading this, but no hints here}, shopping wears me out. 

At 7 pm, I had invited some girls over for a pool party/potluck and I never got any pictures, how crazy am I after all.... it was a nice time. Made some new friends and hung out with some old friends. 
I love having guests. 

Watched some Nashville before bed { if you do not watch this, you need to STAT}

I had a ladies breakfast at 9 am, should be against the law for anything to be before 12 noon on a saturday { can I hear a Amen?}
My breakfast, it was so good, and so filling, I could not finish the entire thing. 

We went and did some shopping, does any one else's husband get in a mood where they just wanna buy everything they see... my husband did that on Saturday and when this mood hits, we always spend more money then we should spend. 

While shopping i got a text from my friend Rachel who has a beautiful baby girl Lucy and then 7 months ago became pregnant again with a little boy Dyson, he was born on Friday night and 2 hours later he had gone home to heaven, his lungs were not developed, my heart broke for her, say a prayer for her this week, i will attend the funeral on Tuesday afternoon. 

Then my friend from my previous job text and said she wanted to come visit, she has a 2 week old baby and his first outing was to our house, we loved having him 

I could have another 

Brooke adored him 

Daniel and his mom, she is such a good momma 

Moses came over around 9:15 pm and Andrew made wings while i did nothing and watched Nashville on Netflix. 

Woke up to some sad news.. a pastor we know- his 19 year old son was  killed on Sunday morning. It just felt like a weekend for bad news. 
We had morning service and then we had some new friends over for lunch we had: 
*grilled chicken breast on the BBQ
* skewer of peppers and onions
*Santa Fe Salad
*Caesar Salad
*chocolate cheesecake. 

It was so nice to make some new friends, we all had a swim and just hung out and got to visit. 
After PM service we had a birthday party for one of our good friends, we grilled and had cake and lots of fun and laughter. 

Now it is nearly 1 am and I need to try and sleep. 
Have a great week 


  1. So much loss in one weekend. I'll keep you and your friends in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I love entertaining too. And aww to the sweet new baby, what a cutie.

    Your mention of band makes me wish my daughter was still in it. She was for years and quit at the start of last school year. I miss hearing her play. :)

  3. The outdoor concert looks really sweet. Thinking of you and love how you always celebrate and share stories of those close to you.

  4. Oh what a fun weekend. I love holding those fresh out of the womb babies with that new baby smell! Happy birthday to your little girl!!


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